Dr. Fred M'membe


It is sad to note that Mr Hakainde Hichilema and those around him have failed to develop or improve their leadership skills in the two and half years that they have been in power.

It’s is clear that Mr Hichilema has been on a limitless one-man power exhibition. He appears to speak without much thought, self-limitation, and moderation. He is literally his own advisor too.

Worse still, Mr Hichilema doesn’t seem to weigh the consequences of his utterances.

On his own, Mr Hichilema decided to set fire on himself by bringing up the issue of the Barotseland Agreement to a totally wrong forum – the Nc’wala Traditional Ceremony of the Ngoni people of Eastern Province.

Mr Hichilema continues to provoke the people of Barotseland by not fully understanding the matter at hand, and respecting their feelings, right or wrong.

Why try to humiliate them in this manner? Was he trying to turn the Ngonis against the Lozis? Was this intended to humiliate the Lozis?

We advise Mr Hichilema to meet the Lozi leadership and try to resolve these issues with maturity, decorum and respect. Issuing intimidatory statements at traditional ceremonies is certainly not the best way to approach such a contentious and emotive issue.

Let Mr Hichilema convene an indaba where proposals and views on the Barotseland Agreement can be discussed and a workable solution found.

Mr Hichilema must meet the right people representing Barotseland and not the politicians from Lusaka that are lying to him.

We actually wonder who is advising Mr Hichilema on the Barotseland Agreement issue! Is it elements from Barotseland that he has given jobs or none Lozis who are totally ignorant about the issue?

We had decided to stop talking about this issue and give him space to think through this and possibly resolve it. But because of his lack of a disciplined approach to problems and his reckless utterances, we are forced to say something again.

We strongly believe the traditional leadership in Zambia has more wisdom, tact and leadership skills to deal with such delicate matters than Mr Hichilema and his appointees combined together.

Mr Hichilema must know that there is always a heavy price to pay for being excessively absorbed in one’s own interests, thoughts and desires.

Life always humbles an arrogantly conceited mind. It’s just a matter of time!

Fred M’membe
President of the Socialist Party


  1. H H emphasized that Zambia is a unitary state. He didn’t refer to Barorseland. Neither did he refer to UMODZI KUMAWA. So fuledi , what so you want to achieve? Fred thinks about HH every minute of his life! Even when he is in the toilet, he thinks about HH. You will collapse one of these days. “Ndipo chinakubaba” for HH to become president! You re still with him up to 2031!

  2. Ba M’membe when are you going to stop telling lies to the nation? Do you think you are the only one who listens to the President when he is in one of the Provinces? He was in Luapula and the same people you said he insulted, he was in Eastern, the same people you are saying he returned to Barosteland issue. Few days ago you said mealie meal in Milenge was K850/ 25 kg which was a total lie. It’s like your job now is just peddling lies, what are you trying to achieve by doing all this? Political mileage? We all listened to the President’s speech at Nc’wala, he never mentioned the word Barotseland, if he did, then you are the only one in the whole country who heard him. From what I heard myself, the President simply said Zambia will remain a unitary state, then he said, this President talking wouldn’t want to be the one to divide this country. I never heard him mentioning the word Barotseland, so how did he return to the issue? Commenting on national issues is a normal phenomenon, e.g. Presidents who come including HH have affirmed that Zambia will remain a Christian nation and there is nothing wrong for HH to reiterate that Zambia will remain a unitary state. I don’t think by saying that he is provoking anyone. Lungu was the president of this country for 7 years and his Vice and running mate was from Barotseland and you never advised them on the matter, why do want to be a champion now when HH is in power? Where were you when some people of Barotseland were arrested and killed by Lungu? Please leave the people who love this country to resolve some of these challenges in a mature and peaceful manner. Whether there is Barotseland or no Barotseland, the status of Zambia remains the same, it’s a unitary state, so stop inciting and misleading people.

    • Zambia is a unitary state. Western Province/Barotseland is one of the ten provinces of the Repubic of Zambia. Why should this truth cause some people sleepless nights?

  3. This whole Barotse issue is being fueled by Fuledi.
    With what is on the table, the people of western province have been resolved since early 60’s, that they are Zambia and not the nonsence Fuledi is trying to incite.
    The Litunga’s sponsored sichaba party, was rejected by malozi not now but over 60 years ago, that they did not want to secceed as a country under the Litunga.
    That family were the only benefisheries from the British Government and not the rest of western province. So whatever you may want to do meembe, yours is a failed project in western province


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