Dr. Fred M'membe


A friend and Comrade of mine, Dr Grieve Chelwa, has tweeted:

What in the world is happening to Zambia’s foreign policy under president @HHichilema?
Zambia just abstained from this important vote in the General Assembly calling for the “protection of civilians and upholding legal and humanitarian obligations” in the ongoing Gaza crisis.

Truly Mr Hakainde Hichilema in a very big way changed the foreign policy of Zambia in support of imperialist and Israeli apartheid interests.
Mr Hichilema has turned Zambia’s back on the Palestinians and the people of Western Sahara.
Has done the same to Russia.

It’s very sad and embarrassing, but not surprising, that United States puppet Mr Hichilema has followed his American masters in recognising Morocco’s colonisation of Western Sahara.

Until 2020, no other member state of the United Nations had ever officially recognised Moroccan sovereignty over parts of Western Sahara. In 2020, the United States recognised Moroccan sovereignty over Western Sahara in exchange for Moroccan normalisation of relations with Israel.

It’s very sad and humiliating that Mr Hichilema has decided to make our country a puppet and agent of imperialism against the subjugated, humiliated and struggling courageous people of Western Sahara and the Palestinian people in Gaza and West Bank.

Fred M’membe
President of the Socialist Party


  1. It’s a bit complicated unfortunately. When African migrants to the Middle East are being mistreated, where’s is this Afro-Arab solidarity? Try calling an Egyptian, an Algerian, a Tunisian, a Libyan or a Moroccan an African. Fred M’membe and Grieve Chelwa would do well to apply their minds to that.

  2. Mmembe is outdated.
    The Arabs inslaved Africans and sale us as slaves in Libya and you want solidarity??
    What solidarity??
    Read the slave market of zanzibar and see how Africans were treated by Arab.
    This man is boring!!

  3. We have our own pressing problems to deal with as country l, Zambia and Africa as a whole but Mr. Mmembe want us to focus on issues which remotely concern us, what kind of logic is this? Why should Africans offers any solidality when the so called Arabs have never done so? Africa has experienced many conflicts but Arabs have never offered any kind support to these countries. It’s about time Africa focused on itself just like other continents have been doing all along.

  4. Countries that abstained include Iraq, Tunisia.
    So , why should Zambia be ” the most revolutionary” country when we know that Hamas started this fight?
    Meembe, wait until your innocent mother is kidnapped in the name of freedom Fighting.

    • To Fred M’membe, everything is black and white, nothing is not clear. The world is not like that. He has a very serious problem of failing to acknowledge the racism that exists against people of African ancestry in countries he admires in Latin America such as Venezuela and Brazil where he sends SP members for political “education”.


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