Hichilema’s Leadership Shines Amidst Unfounded Criticisms by Socialist Party President Fred Mmembe

By Lucky Munakampe(Munati Television)

In recent days, the political landscape in Zambia has witnessed Socialist Party President Dr. Fred Mmembe leveling criticisms against Republican President Hakainde Hichilema. However, considering Dr. Mmembe’s questionable track record, one must scrutinize the credibility of his accusations. His past, marked by the liquidation of his company for tax avoidance and failure to meet statutory obligations, raises serious doubts about his ability to manage the national treasury.

Adding to the skepticism is Dr. Mmembe’s curious alliance with the former ruling party, the Patriotic Front (PF). Under PF rule, Zambia faced severe human rights abuses, rampant corruption, and an atmosphere of fear perpetuated by cadre violence. Dr. Mmembe’s association with the PF, accused of stifling democratic space during its reign, raises eyebrows when he now accuses President Hichilema of similar offenses without providing concrete evidence.

Critically, Dr. Mmembe’s accusations about President Hichilema’s alleged refusal to declare assets conveniently overlook the fact that the PF removed this requirement from the law prior to the 2021 General Elections. This deliberate omission in Dr. Mmembe’s critique exposes a lack of specificity and raises questions about the sincerity of his claims.

Contrastingly, President Hichilema has a track record of integrity. His consistent declarations of wealth since entering politics in 2006, except for the 2021 elections when the provision was removed, reflect transparency and accountability.

Moving beyond baseless allegations, President Hichilema’s leadership has achieved significant milestones within just two years:

1. Anti-Corruption Drive: President Hichilema’s commitment to fighting corruption goes beyond rhetoric. Ministers and permanent secretaries facing legal issues have been held accountable, either resigning or being dismissed.

2. Pension Reforms: Introducing a 20% partial withdrawal for qualifying individuals to invest in business ventures, promoting economic empowerment.

3. Retirement Benefits: Resolving decades-long outstanding retirement benefits, providing financial relief to retirees.

4. CDF Budget Increase: Significantly raising the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) budget from K1.6 million to nearly K30 million, empowering youth and women in business and fostering community-driven development.

5. Healthcare Improvements: Recruiting additional healthcare professionals, completing abandoned projects, and ensuring the availability of essential medicines in public hospitals.

6. Economic Development: President Hichilema’s proactive approach to debt restructuring, mining policy changes, and agriculture reforms demonstrate a commitment to economic growth, job creation, and food security.

7. Education Empowerment: The recruitment of over 30,000 teachers underscores President Hichilema’s commitment to enhancing the education system, ensuring a brighter future for Zambia’s youth.

8. Strengthening National Security: The enlistment of over 6,000 youths into the Zambia Defense Forces demonstrates a strategic move towards bolstering national security, addressing unemployment, and providing opportunities for the nation’s youth.

As Zambia’s debt restructuring nears completion, coupled with visionary policies, President Hichilema is steering the nation towards a brighter economic future. His encouragement for citizens to engage in cattle ranching and support for local manufacturing of fertilizer contribute to job creation and reduced production costs.

In conclusion, President Hichilema’s tangible achievements speak louder than baseless accusations. Despite Dr. Mmembe’s criticism, President Hichilema remains the people’s favorite, and his transformative leadership continues to instill confidence in the citizens of Zambia.


  1. Hakainde’s leadership has been seen, and no noisy defences from tribal zealots will spin this. He is an incompetent Leader whose performance is there in black and white. How can shining leadership produce the poorest performing currency in the world?? It doesn’t make sense.
    The economy is in free fall.
    In terms of democracy he is taking Zambia back to the dark days of dictatorship.
    The man can’t even manage to have a simple Ward bye election.. ECZ is in a mess. Our democratic institutions are daily losing credibility.
    Kabwata, Kabushi and Kwacha bye election thievery are there staring at us. Can Hakainde manage a decent presidential and general elections?? This man can’t going by his behavior so far. He can plunge Zambia into a total disaster.
    Government engaging in alterations of documents?? Since when did we have a legislative arm of government forging documents?
    Hakainde is a failed project, and come 2026 , he is going.

  2. Those day dreamers will continue dreaming, UPND will deliver and is doing so.. except for the those inclined to the kapwepwe formula who thinks that only one tribe can rule zambia. Mwanya ,waloba ilyauma ba Meembe and group.

    • Why do you people hate the Bemba so much?

      What have they done to the Tonga people?

      Is this hatred geared towards every Bemba person?

      Are there any other tribes in Zambia that you hate?

      Let us discuss and understand. This hatred is too much and it can divide the country.

    • Kapwepwe,Nkumbula,Kaunda etc created Zambia for you,just honour your campaign promises. Tribal posturing is crass!

  3. The hatred is always about the Tonga people because they are stable in terms of their culture hence the hatred. Tonga’s are strong people who manages their activities without crooked ideas and motives but with honest and soberness while those who speak against the Tonga’s are all Bemba’s e.g Kateka,Chishimba kambwili,Bwalya just to mention but a few.No one hates the Bemba’s but the Bemba’s have a bad attitude towards the Tonga’s. There are always bad comments from the so call clique of Muchinga, northern and luapula provinces.

  4. Zambians should jealously guard the National Treasury by not sowing crooked seeds that will plunge the country in perpetual debt!
    Tax evaders like Fred Mmembe should stand disqualified on that score and by associations with crooked PF seeds like ECL!
    Zambia is back on track!
    The Kwacha depreciation is expected temporary setback given where we would be this time with Rogue PF!
    Somehow, they prepared well to fix Zambians when they bought Military grade police machinery!
    We wouldn’t be coughing this time! The Kwacha would have gone the Zimbabwe Dollar route, trading in the hundreds and heading to thousands!
    There is no way PF and SP can achieve what HH7 has done in 2 years!
    You need Discipline to do what HH7 has done.
    He is not perfect but we can proudly say we have a great leader!

  5. Thank you for speaking your mind.

    There are so many inter marriages between Bemba and Tonga. So maybe there is no real problem between these two great tribes.

    I think the rampant tribalism we have seen from Hakainde and ECL have done a lot of damage. Voters ejected ECL for tribalism by PF. Fortunately, they will do the same to tribalist Hakainde. He will get voted out not because he a Tonga, but because he is a tribalist.


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