Dr Fred M’membe
Dr Fred M’membe


The biggest problem with Mr Hakainde Hichilema is that he does not seem to have history and facts all the time.

He basically relies on lies, deception, manipulation and whatever he perceives as general knowledge to see him through any discourse regardless of the gravity of the situation.

The man lies shamelessly without any respect for his targeted audience and the nation at large.

The article below is the interview he gave to QFM Radio in April 2012, and it exposes what we have been saying about Mr Hichilema’s habitual lies or complete change in opinion, attitude and methods of reasoning whenever he is cornered by facts and evidence.

This is what he said about the issue at that time, but what has changed now? Why is he trying to use threats and intimidation to handle this issue?

In 2012, he fully agreed that the Barotseland Agreement issue required consultation and dialogue between stakeholders, so what has changed since then?

Fred M’membe
President of the Socialist Party

Find his own words at: https://www.lusakatimes.com/2012/04/03/kks-guidance-barotseland-agreement-long-overduehh/


    • Eishi Membe is becoming dull each day. The people he can fool with this talk do t read papers and don’t watch TV so if he can go kachasu tavens maybe he can find his audience. Am Lozi and I understood HH very well and he means well

  1. The editorials that Fred M’membe wrote in The Post newspaper in the 1990s on the Barotseland Agreement 1964 are still being kept at the Kuta in Limulunga.

  2. Mmembe is now simply becoming irritating with his baseless attacks on President Hakainde Hichilema. First he tried to twist what the President said on Thursday when he addressed permanent secretaries and other government officials. The President said that there is no country called Barosteland. And that is the truth – there is no country called Barosteland. The President never said there was no area called Barosteland. But that was what Mmembe tried to make an issue of. But he was check mated. Now he goes fishing into his waste paper basket and brings up what HH said years back. But again Mmembe cannot fool anyone with these lies. HH has been consistently truthful and clear on the Barosteland issue. If Mmembe thinks he win support from the good people of Western Province by using this issue, then he is wasting his time and energy.
    Surprisingly, it is Mmembe who doesn’t know the whole history of the Barosteland issue. He doesn’t even know the area which constituted the Barosteland Protectorate. Mmembe thinks that Protectorate just covered present day Western Province. No, it covered parts of Northwestern, Copperbelt, Central, Lusaka and Southern provinces.
    Even our brothers in the Linyungandambo pushing this agenda seem to ignore the sensitivity and severity of this issue. Do they think people of those areas would agree with them? Even within Barosteland proper, this notion will not be accepted by the Mbunda, Luvale and Nkoya peoples who have their own chieftainships there.Will they deport them?
    Mmembe seems not to know such things.And he now wants yo shift his ignorance on President Hakainde Hichilema. And the man is so insolent, sarcastic and uncivilized in his attacks on HH that I only see a very bitter and jealous individual here.

  3. This Marxist thinks himself as the most intelligent Zambian yet he is just another scatter brain good at twisting facts to please his financiers in Venezuela.

  4. Fred Mmembe is an idiot.there are 40 tribes in western province who have lived in harmony with lozis and these idiots pushing Barotse agreement have the potential to make lozis be hated by our brothers the nkoyas,mbundas,luvales,chokers and others.these tribes have recognised the authority of litunga but that doesn’t mean they do not exist.in 2021 nkoya chiefs warned that the BRE should not impose a Barotse government on other tribes.secondly am seriously concerned on the attacks on innocent Tonga’s that this group championing the Barotse agreement is making.if they have issues with the president they should attack Tonga’s?????and Mmembe is supporting them.Mmembe has no brain.no matter he has United with Lungu who closed his newspaper


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