It is becoming increasingly clear that Mr Hakainde Hichilema does not understand nor empathise with people’s current suffering due to the high cost of living.

Mr Hichilema should understand that people are having very serious difficulties accessing food, medicines, and transport. They are unable to eat, seek medical attention, travel long distances to attend to family emergencies, pay rent, buy electricity, buy clothes for their children, and so on and so forth.

This government is fixated on ‘we found Kwacha at K24’ (which is a lie because it was K15.89 at some point in August 2021), ‘we found inflation at 24%’ which is all rhetoric. But what a common man in the street is concerned about is that things were more affordable during those conditions than now.

The common man is not interested in macroeconomic indicators but being able to afford basic commodities, which they now can’t afford. This has arisen because household income has remained static whilst costs keep rising, and consequently, household purchasing power is going down every month. So, talking to a starving man about investment pledges and debt restructuring when they are hungry is an exercise in futility.

The real solution people want is bringing down the cost of living. Most of the initiatives this government is boasting about are long-term measures, which can not save a dying person who has been given a prescription and can’t buy medicines.

We need immediate policy measures to bring down the cost of living. That is the current missing link. If it means introducing selective targeted subsidies to save people’s livelihood, so be it.

Prices are going up daily and causing discontent amongst common citizens. Everywhere you go, people are complaining about hunger.

Just as an example, why would a gardner earning K900 a month celebrate whether Dollar is K15 or K30? His interest is that he was buying mealie-meal at K130 under those harsh conditions Mr Hichilema is espousing in 2021, but now he is paying K300, and his salary has remained the same. Mr Hichilema needs a reality check. Lining up students won’t feed the common man on the streets.

The sooner HH realises that the better.

Fred M’membe
President of the Socialist Party


  1. HH HH HH HH HH. This HH will make you run mad.You will only stop talking about him when you are dead.Your wife must be very embarrassed to have you as a husband because she comes from the same village and family as the President.

  2. What alternative ideas do you have Mr Fuledi to sort out these challenges? And in what time frame do you expect to resolve the economic challenges?

    It is easy to point out that things are not well. A mature leader will acknowledge a cause of the challenge (in this case reckless borrowing) and provide an alternative idea that acknowledges the cause. Hating one individual and bad mouthing them EVERY SINGLE DAY is not a solution. That kind of pathological fixation on someone who is actually making progress is borderline demonic.

    The REAL question is how would you deal with the current situation? Mind you not everyone will be happy because the former leadership allowed wrong things to continue as normal. Corrective measures will therefore be painful, but better the temporary pain that heals than temporary joy that simply worsens the situation in the long term.

    We Zambians emphatically chose leadership that is responsible enough to honour debts that were contracted in our name. We rejected the PF joy riders who defaulted TWICE on repayment of national debt, we rejected PF criminals who appealed to people’s greed and instant gratification and inflated the cost of infrastructure projects so they can line their pockets. Who, but a thief gives their relatives 400,000 US dollars cash for safe keeping when banks are available? We chose a leadership that rewards hard work, not cadreism, extortion and hooliganism. When you oppose that chosen leadership mindlessly and maliciously, instead of providing constructive criticism and acknowledging the positive points they register, your leadership becomes suspect and irrelevant. I have never heard positive feedback from this sector of the Zambian opposition stating how the current government has decided to sort out an issue is the right thing to do and exactly what they would have done if in power. It is always negative even when something positive has been done. For instance, you have never acknowledged the payment of retirement benefits to retirees as a good thing – this carries the implication and clear message to us the public that this challenge was not even on your radar and you would have therefore not done anything about it.

    Your heart is full of hatred and poison. Zambians do not want toxic misleaders. Change your ways or you will be lost to wander aimlessly in the political wilderness.

  3. Thank for you long contribution, what Meembe is asking for the president to do is to listen to people . You may have forgotten easily that the president in opposition used to tell Lungu the same . Opposition leaders are there for checks and balances. You may hate or dislike Meembe, one day you’ll like him by saying we would have listened to him for warning us in a timely manner. Guys in government with higher political positions , supporters and those benefiting from this government you are blinded by the power and those little things that come with power. You no longer visit chibolya, Msisi, makuru, george compound, main masala or shanty compounds around the urban areas to see the misery because you are afraid you be robbed as you have nothing to tell them what you going to do to lessen their sufferings or burden of living in poverty. They will not listen to few days ago one if you presidential campaign person was assaulted why he goes in a shanty compound well dressed, with money as he life has changed compared to those who risked their lives running battles with PF / the police to ensure HH becomes a president to change their lives as promised. Today these cadres, supporters, the youths, people in rural areas whose relatives in towns can not afford to support them, 4000 civil servants, the police officers, parastatals whom you have put on leaves or terminated their jobs have families from where they come from and the impact their jobs terminations have dealt a heavy blow and burden on each person who was benefiting from their support where they come from. These are decisions of not a effective leaders but disruptive and short lived decisions that have consequences that one will regret 2026 as these masses facing sufferings and death due to decisions made to punish those Zambians who are have perceived as not worthy to serve or work in government or parastatals institutions because who they are, where they come from, support or just their names are like tamed or caged vicious animals who will speak loudly about their sufferings during the ballot box. Mark my words. Meembe should not be demonised or called names or wishing him karma but listen to him as he can go to these places that you used to go to which are no go area for now as you are in power and power has corrupt and blind folds you to hear , see and act on reality of what is on the ground.


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