Dr. Fred M'membe


Greetings from Westwood Police station cells!

It has been a long night but, as they say, the morning always comes.

We have once again witnessed the miracle of seeing the sun rising and the sky lighting up from a very small dark space. This is indeed a miracle and we thank the almighty God for the gift of life and peace.

Some of our brothers and sisters didn’t make it through the night to see the sun rising and hear the wind come down from the clouds, but here we are today. We have made it once again. It’s a blessing and a reminder of God’s grace, love and mercy.

Let me start by urging all citizens of this great nation to band together in their struggle against corruption, injustice, and oppression. This country needs more courageous people to stand up for our rights and freedoms. Our democracy is under siege and we have to fight back to protect it from this evil regime.

It is no longer in doubt that the current Executive branch of government, which is headed by Mr Hakainde Hichilema, is unhinged and enormously reckless by all leadership standards.

Further, it is undeniable that Mr Hichilema is an untested, paranoid, and hyper- speculative individual, who has been confronted with the reality of governance quicker than he thought.

It is also irrefutable that Mr Hichilema was unprepared to lead this nation. He was never mentored or guided for public office, in particular the office of President, which he holds today.

The signs of bad and ill-preparation for leadership in Mr Hichilema are well-defined; the lack of restraint and self- control, an inferiority complex, uncontrollable ego and pride, failure to comprehend the limitations and consequences of power and so on. These bad signs are evident for all to see.

That said, we would like to warn the Zambian people that under this regime, they must expect the worst forms intimidation, abuse, torture, tribalism, ethnic bigotry, mendacity, mediocrity, high levels of leadership arrogance and self-importance, state instigated violence, and all manner of evil, including political assassinations and killings, because we have misfits in power.

Clearly, we entrusted power in the hands of vengeful and heartless barbarians with no empathy or compassion for fellow human beings.

These people have forgotten that we are a constitutional democracy, and it is expected of them to operate within the principles of constitutional order and the rule of law, and not this reign of arbitrariness that Mr Hichilema is relentlessly trying to install in this country.

Under this corrupt puppet regime, there is absolutely no recourse to the due process of the law anymore. They have made the Executive to be mighty over the law and over the Constitution. We have seen how key institutions of governance that are central to our democracy, such as the judiciary, parliament, and others, are being arm-twisted to operate like party wings or branches. This regime behaves and thinks like it is doing us a favour and its hold on power is infinite.

The leadership don’t even realise that whatever they are doing each day that passes is dividing this nation and entangling them ever further into the web of deceit, hatred, and self-destruction. This wickedness being perpetuated from State House can only be described as reckless bravado.

Mr Hichilema and his corrupt league think they are very strong men. They think they are the “Alpha and Omega”. They think they have arrived and will only leave power when they decide to do so. They think they are the best brains to have ever ruled this country.

The self-deception is visible. The leadership’s misjudgements and criminal connivance to harm selected citizens and destroy our nation are also very visible.

But they are mistaken, because real power lies with the people. And all this self-deception and ruthless application of power coupled with excitement will never triumph.

Evil never conquers. Evil always ends in grief, in disgrace.

They will regret their egoistic actions and attitudes very soon.

They can’t break us. They can’t intimidate us. Some of us are beyond intimidation. We have fought bigger battles and their on-the-job training chipante pante kind of government does not even come close to what we have seen and fought before.

Bacepa sana!

Aluta continua, vitória é certa!

Fred M’membe
President of the Socialist Party


  1. His hatred and venom is so evident for toddlers to see. This kind of hatred and stress will just kill him. He has broken the law and he can’t argue his cases but insult, insult & insult…. even when we disagree with our current government, is it surely right to call them evil or barbarians??? MMEMBE HAS LOST IT.

  2. Sometimes trying to be smart and too full of oneself can make one fool themselves. Mr Meembe must be taking on-board his own advice, the way he comes out is very typical of an arrogant, self pumped up egotist and whose self indulgence is on a gigantic scale.
    He describes his brother as the worst in the history of Zambia and then contradicts himself by saying he has faced worse and stronger opponents than the man he insults day in day out.
    Please, Zambia needs strong opposite voices, they must be voices of wisdom and substance, unfortunately the current opposition is not offering substance, what is there is tribal bitterness from a few individuals who feel entitled, unfortunately the majority Zambians have integrated so much, they don’t see the carrot in tribalism, they see division, disunity and the ignorant arrogance of small minds.

  3. These are not checks and balances. Pure personal hatred . You cant call the public for sympathy on this cos we are able to see beyond your lamentations. Former President Lungu once said ” Alefwaya pa kufwiila”. May he was right….

  4. Mmembe keeps exposing his hatred, with a passion, for HH. Even when he commits actions that attract the attention of the Police, he wants to blame it on HH. AIKONA MAN!

    Zambians should not allow Mmembe to drag them into his personal and wicked hatred for HH!

    In fact is a danger to our country!


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