High-Ranking MDC Official Dumps Douglas Mwonzora & Immediately Defects To Zanu PF


MDC Top Official Shocks Nation by Defecting to Zanu PF After Dumping Douglas Mwonzora

In a stunning turn of events, Witness Dube, the MDC’s National Secretary for Information and Publicity, has resigned from his position and terminated his long-standing membership with the party. The shocking announcement was made public at Zanu PF’s rally in Centenary, Mashonaland West, where he was seated alongside fellow defector Blessing Chebundo. Dube’s defection is seen as a major blow to MDC President Douglas Mwonzora and has raised eyebrows across Zimbabwe’s political spectrum.

A Sudden Departure: “Nothing More I Can Do”

In his resignation letter addressed to MDC President Douglas Mwonzora and party members, Witness Dube cited his decision as a departure to a “new political home,” without divulging further details. The letter expressed gratitude for his time in the party and touched on the lessons learned during his tenure. However, he remained tight-lipped about the reasons behind his abrupt exit, promising to reveal more in the coming days.

Witness Dube’s Resignation Letter:

“Dear MDC President and the MDC family at large, please accept this letter as formal notification that I am resigning from my position as the party’s National Secretary for Information and Publicity with immediate effect. I also wish to terminate my membership of the party which I have held since 11 November 1999, also with immediate effect.

I am grateful for having been a member of the party from the lowest to its highest organ which opened my global view of the politics of service and sacrifice. My current portfolio taught me a lot about the Zimbabwean political leadership question, and the opportunities available for working for and supporting development in our country while insulating future generations from repeating our past mistakes and recycling our past pains.

I wish the party and its leadership well in their future endeavors. Regrettably, there will be nothing more I can do to wrap up my duties as I will be joining a new political home which I am looking forward to instantly serving with the best of my abilities,” Dube’s resignation letter stated.

Ripples of Uncertainty in Opposition Ranks

Witness Dube’s departure comes on the heels of another opposition party member, Edmore Gomba, withdrawing his candidacy and pledging support to the ruling Zanu PF candidate for the Bulawayo South Constituency. These successive shifts in allegiance within opposition ranks have raised concerns and speculation over potential internal divisions and external pressures.

Silence and Hints: Dube’s Enigmatic Response

When contacted about his decision, Witness Dube chose not to elaborate on the reasons behind his resignation, leaving the nation eagerly awaiting his forthcoming explanation. “I can’t talk now, especially not today. Just wait a day or two,” Dube responded cryptically, further fueling intrigue around his sudden defection.

Raising Questions on MDC’s Stability and Unity

The departure of such a prominent figure as Witness Dube has sent shockwaves through the MDC and raised questions about the party’s stability and unity. With crucial elections on the horizon, the impact of this high-profile defection on the opposition’s chances remains uncertain.


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