His Majesty Litunga Imwiko II Endorses Barotse Privy Council Resolutions Which State That …’barotseland Is A Nation And Not A Mere Province Of Zambia’



The BAROTSE PRIVY COUNCIL was called by the office of the LITUNGA following President HH’S false claims that; “There is NO country called Barotseland”.

The Barotseland privy council which deliberated for 3 days solidified their stance based Barotse history and the Barotseland Agreement 1964 which provided for a [ nation within a nation] solution as per Barotseland Agreement 1964.

The PRIVY COUNCIL further resolved that; if Zambia unilaterally terminated the Agreement, then it’s time to [sign the disengagement or termination agreement of the BA64].

Unlike the BWEENGWA way of shouting as if one is shouting at cows in the field the way HH did, the BRE has sent the resolutions to state house quietly.

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  1. Yes this has ignited the BRE and the secession activists. In my opinion I find it very difficult to settle this matter on a rare basis of from without. The BRE were and are still advocating for secession through the activists. In my understanding is Zambia is a unitary state that has 10 provinces and Western Province being part of Zambia. No ways could the Litunga be offended when the president said Zambia is one state and Western Province is part of Zambia.
    Please BRE should you be grieved, please take this issue to JCC for help. Am sure you can not take your grievances to a state that you disputes to be and then you expected to have a satisfied response.
    Mind you, Barotse land if so to say, will be caught up and has to be agreed to by other chiefs and that is full council of chiefs where it passes through – the whole Western, Northwestern, Copper belt, Central, part of Lusaka and Southern provinces. After all the chiefs agree to be called Barotseland, then Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia and Angolan government must be surmoned otherwise in my opinion it’s a dead deal.

    • Yes, Barotseland is a nation but not a state. It’s a nation within the state of Zambia. A nation refers to people with some common attributes such as a common language, culture, shared history and one leadership elected or not elected. What matters is that the leadership is accepted as legitimate. That is in fact what Scotland is in the United Kingdom of Britain and Northern Ireland.

      • Barotseland is a nation as the term is defined by social science scholars. A nation refers to inhabitants or people with common attributes such as a shared culture, language, shared history etc. However, Barotseland is not a state as it does not perform state adminstrative functions such as issuing passports, birth/death certificates, law enforcement services, immigration services, defence and security services etc yo its inhabitants and has no state apparatus to perform the above services.

  2. I am very sure that Sena and his colleague James don’t know what they are saying because from their language, I feel they are still young. Who says a State within a State doesn’t exist? Where do you place Scotland and England?? Where do you place Monaco in France?? There are several examples of States within Stataes. As for James, I would say first things first. If their are tribes that do not want the BA, that can be sorted out locally with individual tribes when Barotseland reverts to the before the so-called Zambia was born. Please, I would suggest that the two would read the history of the Brotseland Agreement.

  3. They lie that the Barotseland Agreement of 1964 is what made Barotseland a part of Zambia! Far from the truth. The Barotseland Agreement of 1964 was a last ditch effort by a Litunga who had been disappointed by his people because MaLozi people voted against his wishes. When it was apparent that Britain was granting Independence to Northern Rhodesia Litunga Mwanawina demanded to secede from Northern Rhodesia. The British said NO. Litunga and some white settlers who didn’t want Black rule sponsored a separatist party which was called Sicaba Party which was only active in Barotse Province! The Litunga and his ruling class unleashed violence on UNIP and ANC political activists and banned them from campaigning within Barotseland. The Litunga demanded that UNIP and ANC, the two Nationalistic Independence movement parties must not field candidates in Barotseland because they could never win against the Sicaba Party!

    The Governor of Northern Rhodesia told the Litunga that since he was so sure that UNIP and ANC could not win he should let them contest the elections in preparation for Independence.

    Litunga Mwanawina Lubosi told the Governor that if the Nationalist Movements would lose the Elections in Barotseland, then He would have the right to secede it from Northern Rhodesia before independence takes place.

    Barotseland had two Parliament seats! UNIP and ANC political activists were banned from campaigning mwa Bulozi and they had to campaign at night to avoid being lynched by the Litunga”s sponsored thugs! The Sicaba Party on the other hand were bought a Land Rover and funded to the tune of £240, which was a lot of money back then for campaigns! Despite the fact that the Litunga”s preferred Sicaba Party was campaigning freely throughout Barotseland in a Land Rover and had money to bribe voters with, while UNIP and ANC were banned from holding any campaign meetings in the Barotse Province, the two UNIP candidates, Mubiana Nalilungwe and Arthur Ñututluti Wina won with massive landslide victories.

    In 1963 demands were made that the Katengo should be made an elective body instead of having appointed representatives! Elections were organized and planned for January 1964. Again the Litunga and his ruling class at Namuso (Lyaaluyi) backed the Sicaba regionalist party and demanded that if it won those Katengo Élections, then Barotseland would march to independence as a separate country! Again the results were a disaster for the Litunga Mwanawina 3. UNIP which was banned from campaigning within Barotseland again scooped all the 25 Katengo seats!

    That UNIP victory is what killed the Litunga Mwanawina’s secession wishes. The people of Bulozi had spoken through the Ballot that they wanted to be part of the Nation of Zambia. The people of Bulozi outright rejected their Litunga”s selfish motivés by voting against the Litunga’s wish. Because the Sicaba Party failed to win even a single seat in the Katengo Mwanawina had no moral standing to demand for Secession. Mwanawina was using those elections as a referendum for him to secede if the Nationalist Movements lost against his preferred Sicaba party! To his disappointment the United National Independence Party (UNIP) which was the party he hated the most won both the Katengo and Parliamentary Elections with landslides.

    The Malozi had stabbed their Litunga in the back. Mwanawina was stranded because his desire was thwarted by his own people through the ballot. Following this disappointment, Mwanawina appealed to the Secretary for the Colonies on how to preserve his rights and privileges under the new Government! The newly elected near future Prime Minister of soon to be independent Northern Rhodesia, Kenneth Kaunda and Litunga Sir Mwanawina were invited to England where the Barotseland greement was signed.

    Contrary to what the Secession propagandists tell you the Barotseland Agreement was not a marriage certificate between Barotseland and Zambia. Barotseland was already an integral part of Zambia (Former Northern Rhodesia). What the Barotseland Agreement did was to safeguard Mwanawina’s selfish interests which he failed to secure through his Sicaba Party. The Agreement gave Mwanawina powers to have his own taxation system, powers over management of forests, etc. The Agreement did not create Zambia. Zambia already existed as Northern Rhodesia – one entity that was governed by one Governor representing. Barotseland was simply a Protectorate within that Colony of Northern Rhodesia!

    You may be wondering why the MaLozi voted against the wishes of their Litunga and chose to back one of the Nationalist Movements instead of the Sicaba Party! According to my late grandfather, The MaLozi people didn’t want to be indirectly colonized by the White Settlers from Southern Rhodesia (Now Zimbabwe) Those white settlers are the ones who bought the Land Rover and provided the £240 for the Sicaba Party. By voting for the Sicaba Party, the MaLozi people would have sold Barotseland to the financiers of that regionalist party who would obviously want to reap some benefits from the victory of the party they sponsored! The other reason was that the majority MaLozi never ascribed to Litunga Mwanawina’s desire to secede Barotseland from the rest of the country. Third, the Litunga received massive financial support from the UK government which benefited only the Litungas and their immediate families and dependants and not the majority MaLozi people! In short our Litungas have been selfish, self centered gluttonous manipulators who used those financial resources on themselves and those close to them. And this is the case to date. The educated MaLozi back then felt that if that selfish clique was given the opportunity to handle their affairs, the status quo would remain!

    That is the History they don’t want you to know! The BA 1964 was not a marriage between Zambia and Bulozi! The BA 1964 was a desperate attempt by a Litunga who had lost the support of his people to salvage some economic authority!

    You may be wondering why Kaunda signed it. UNIP was in a hurry to free this country from colonial rule. The Litunga’s manœuvres were delaying the march towards independence!

    Even those saying if they attained Political Power, they would restore the Agreement are liars! If you read that agreement you’d notice that it indirectly creates a “state within a state”, and no president will ever grant that, not even a Mulozi President will tolerate it

  4. Wake up Lozis. The Litunga and his cohorts are not advocating for democracy, or your freedom to choose your leaders and or become leaders, they are advocating for a dictatorship where they not only rule you but also own you and own the ground you walk on. They are selfish greedy people who think they are better than you because of the womb they came from. Sickening and retrogressive. Look at Mswati.

  5. Thank you for the information @George Lubosi.

    Most people don’t know and because of their ignorance, are being used to carry out the agenda of the elite monarchists.

  6. Muñaka Bo George Lubosi you stand unique for this truth which we know kwa Muleneñi will dispute because of the gfeedness they poses. A good example how many people from Makoma, Nyengo, Subiya, Kwamashi, Makwamulonga etc were given privileges to go and study abroad? Completely zero this shows there is too much discrimination amongst ourselves in Western Province. The only solution we put on referendum. Sadly for intermarriages we have so far had.Where will the children belong.

  7. @ Mumbeti, I was not refuting the Barotse agreement but saying a Nation within a Nation is the debate of today. If I may ask that what is the Boundary of the Barotseland and who are the representative of the Kuta from the very debated issue?
    We will discover that only those closer to Litunga are the ones. What about the Nkoya, Luvale, Lunda, Lenje, Kasonde, Lamba etc. I was saying to claim that the Bulozi is just those who speak Lozi language is not right. My argument is that it takes unitary system for it to succeed.
    I know that it’s only the Litunga who has been exempted from paying taxes like the way the sitting president is too. He has free privileges and that is only where he is than any other chiefs in Zambia.
    But to reverse the agreement today is not possible because no Senior Chief who is within the Barotseland will agree ie – Ishindi, Ndungu, Mushili, Kasempa, Ndebeni etc will ever admit to secession. Mark my words.
    It used to be Barotseland with King Lewanika but 1964 Barotseland was cut off its wings and became Zambia – today there are now 5 provinces with numerous Chiefs who lead their chiefdoms without the interference of the Litunga.
    Luitumeze shangwe sichaba saluna. That is what I can say. Let the Litunga utilize what is on his hands than igniting fire now. I have the respect of the Litunga and its leadership but not to an extent of bringing disunity. Let’s enjoy our peace which is at hand now. Together we can develop – unity of purpose.


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