‘His package was ‘long and skinny, like a ruler’ – Australian model shares intimate details about the night she allegedly spent with rapper Kanye West

Kanye West

A former Aussie model has shared intimate details about the night she allegedly spent with Kanye West at his hotel room Down Under many years ago.

The woman, named Lily, called into the Will and Woody show on KIIS FM this week to spill it all.

Lily alleged the rendezvous took place many years before his relationship with ex-wife Kim Kardashian and while he was on tour with Nas.

Lily claimed she met artist Kanye at the Chasers Nightclub while she was on a date with another man but she went back with Kanye to his room at the Park Hyatt.

Lily said she was in her twenties at the time, she’s 37 now, and the pair both got ‘naked’ before he eventually fell asleep. It’s believed Kanye was single at the time.

When asked about his penis size, she said his package was ‘long and skinny, like a ruler’.

‘Imagine a ruler you use at school. So long and skinny so not very nice. The girls will know what I’m talking about,’ she said with a laugh.

‘We all went to the Park Hyatt where they must’ve been staying and everyone kind of just went off to their rooms and it was just Kanye and I and we were chilling, having a conversation on the bed and then he fell asleep on me.’

‘He was trying to get on with it, but I think I was in two minds still because I was living with the guy that I was on a date with because we were roommates and then we started dating,’ she claimed.

‘We were just lying there, and he just started snoring and I was like okay this is my cue that I’m doing the wrong thing, so I got my clothes back on, I had my clothes off at that stage.’

‘We were on top of the sheets but there weren’t many clothes happening,’ she claimed.

She claimed before going back to his hotel Kanye put his number in her phone and ‘asked if I would come on tour with him around Australia’.

However, after their night together she said she didn’t have any contact with Kanye again.

Reflecting on what Kanye was like as a person, she said: ‘Everyone said he was a pk, and he had the reputation of being a real ahole, but he was actually lovely, so sweet, sang Love Lockdown to me acapella. It was beautiful.’

Kanye toured Australia with Nas back in 2008. It’s believed he was single at the time.

The All of the Lights hitmaker, 46, went on to date Amber Rose from 2008-2010 before marrying ex-wife Kim in 2014, whom he shares four children with.


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