The Zambia Police Service has warned that it will arrest anyone who disregards a directive to cancel a planned rally by the United Kwacha Alliance (UKA) in Kafue District this Saturday.

Organised by UKA and its leader Sakwiba Sikota, the rally was halted by police who cited security concerns.

Talking on Hot FM’s radio breakfast programme today, Police spokesperson Rae Hamoonga stated that the police prioritise public safety and will take action to maintain order.

He emphasised that individual rights cannot supersede public safety concerns.

“It’s a notorious fact that if someone is torting the police to commit an offence what do you expect? He has to be arrested. Because we have said that it is public security concerns so we have to protect that” Hamoonga said.

Hamoonga explained that the decision to deny the permit is based on intelligence reports that cannot be disclosed publicly.

“We need to refer to security concerns, what happens when one tries to exercise their individual rights and that poses a threat on public security?” Hamoonga questioned.

The Zambia Police Service, however, maintained that it is not against opposition rallies in general.


  1. All of UKA people are thieves and a bunch of chikala’s just like the baboon lungu.
    If this moron thinks he will come to power he best think again…..
    A good slap on your face will straighten those ugly teeth of yours

  2. The God – President is scheduled to hold a rally in Luanshya this week to open a fake mine… Only him and his party will hold rallies Zambia.
    I have never seen anything like this in this country…You take the case to court, the judges sit on the case and no ruling will ever be made. You ask the people’s representatives to raise the issue in Parliament, the so called Speaker curtails them even before they speak.
    Where do the citizens go for redress when rights are infriged upon?
    Governance in a banana Republic..

  3. It’s lamentable that the man in a glass house feels safe when fire is burning outside. The stones he is throwing at others will be thrown back at him.
    Justifying the cancellation of rallies under the guise of security concerns shows the myopic, archaic, kleptomaniac, irresponsible, redundant, rejected, unpleasant and hooliganism in governance.
    What a misfit of a leader we have hiding behind the greens, but one day you will cry like RB.
    What security concerns are there in Zambia to worry about. Which neighbor country is at war? zambian are almost self policing.
    This is what we rejected Lungu for and you as a novice full of bitterness and anger you will see.
    Why are you afraid of a shadow,? If Mr Lungu and his UKA band gother let them, if you have the favour of the people you don’t have to have sleepless nights.
    Gagging peoples feelings too long and too much will backfire on you bwana, and you will be loathed.


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