Hon. Mulambo Haimbe May Consider Resigning Immediately In Light Of Revelations That Have Emerged- Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba



Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba Wrote;

Hon. Mulambo Haimbe was Confronted by Mike Ilishebo

Minister of Justice and Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon. Mulambo Haimbe is accused of being the cause and at the centre of the murder of Valerie Franco and the suicide of Mike Ilishebo.

In the audios, Ilishebo confronted Hon. Haimbe about the allegations that the Minister had an inappropriate affair with his wife, Valerie.

It is imperative that the Minister may consider resigning while Law Enforcement Agencies are probing this matter.

We hope that this matter will not be wished away in the manner another suicide occurred where musician, Nathan Miti a member of Ghetto Link, took his own life, accusing his wife of having numerous affairs including one with Minister of Information and Media, Hon. Cornelius Mweetwa.


  1. Morality is key in governance.

    Morality starts at home.

    Do not be fooled, they are not angels. If they are indeed, then they are part of that group God exiled.

    Vote wisely in 2026.

  2. Why do some people like poking their noses in private matters which don’t concern them? Few months ago it was Hon. Cornelius Mweetwa and today it’s Hon Mulambo Haimbe. We’re those women only targeting Ministers? But such stories or allegations are not new to Zambians, even under PF, we had such stories, those who have a good memory like mine still remember the story of Ruth Mbandu murder allegations and yet the big mouthed Mwamba never called for anyone to resign and the accused person never resigned. Why is he now without shame calling for Hon Mulambo Haimbe’s resignation before any investigations? What evidence has he got? Is he now an investigative agent? Moreover, Technology is now advanced and one can doctor and manipulate a video in anyway he wants. So nothing should be taken for granted.

    • Moral grounds. The accused can simply beat his fist against the wall and say its all lies but he was ready to meet the accuser half way to discuss something. Something deep. No politics there.

  3. Yes indeed as the saying goes, (Politics is a dirty game),especiallyin our African contest, play it dirty ,you score..a very dirty ..score..Surely, to every assertion there must be a resignation? Ba Mwamba,you’ve really, assumed the role of a moral judgement on others, just because it’s you or within your inner circle,,,anyway all yo schemes are not even about the minister, this is just yo entry point, aimed at, attacking, President, H,H,as the appointing authority,,to paint his appointees, as immoral,sinners, etc..remember the story of an adultery Woman ,in the Bible ? (that is if truly you re a Christian),,She was dragged and taken before JESUS..infact by Men, who thought, they were pure, & upright men..What happened? as they say. the rest is history…stop judging others,, so that you also you re no judged…this is also, biblical…

  4. Even in France , the Minister couldn’t have resigned. Remember, Macron couldn’t have become President with his marriage background.


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