Hon. Munir Zulu suspended from parley for a month after telling the house “everyone in here shaves their pubic hair.”


Parliament gives Munir Zulu 30-day ‘shaving holiday’

LUMEZI independent member of parliament Munir Zulu will have more than ample time to shave following a 30-day suspension handed to him after telling the house “everyone in here shaves their pubic hair.”

Zulu caused shock on the floor of parliament last Tuesday as he told the house he was an adult who also had the ability to trim the lawns of his groin area.

The juvenile parliamentarian was reacting to being called young man by another lawmaker.

And Following his parliamentary performance, prior to the suspension Zulu took to Facebook wondering; “How does ‘pubic’ become an insult?”

But Moomba member of parliament, Fred Chatila lodged a complaint about the conduct of Zulu of using insulting language in the house which led to the decision today.

Zulu is not new to parliamentary controversy and this is not the first time that the independent Member of Parliament is being suspended as he suffered a similar punishment before.

In March this year, Zulu was suspended for ten days for uttering a statement which reflected negatively on one of the members of parliament and when he was directed to apologise, he misconduct himself once more which led to the punishment on 23 March.

And on a different matter in July, Zulu was also suspended for ten days on grounds of gross misconduct after he threatened the Sergeant at Arm and disrespected the speaker by attempting to grab her mace.

However, barely two months the cycle has repeated itself and Zulu has been handed a 30-day suspension from the August house which he may use to reflect on how to conduct himself in parliament.

Speaker of the National Assembly Nelly Mutti disclosed that the history of the Lumezi law makers misconduct shows that he was unrepentant and meant to put the reputation of the house in disrepute.

The matter was subjected to a vote and 63 MPs voted for Zulu to be suspended for 30 days while 33 disagreed.

By Moses Makwaya



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