LUMEZI Member of Parliament (MP) Munir Zulu is on Monday expected to challenge his 30 day suspension from Parliament in Court citing the abrogation of the Parliamentary Standing Orders.

Speaker of the National Assembly Nelly Mutti on Friday suspended Mr Zulu for 30 days for using unpalatable language on the floor of the house.

On Wednesday, the Lumezi law marker rattled the Members of Parliament after he said that he should not be referred to as a young man because everyone in the house was an adult and were shaving pubic hair.

But Mr Zulu has said he would be in court on Monday to challenge the Speaker’s decision and set the records straight because there have been a lot of abrogation of the Standing Orders in the House.

Mr Zulu said his suspension was an abrogation of the Standing Orders and that it was for this reason that he would be seeking legal review of the decision by the Speaker.- Daily Nation


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