Hon. Princess Kasune announces the passing of Reverend Lieutenant General Ronald Shikapwasha


Shikapwasha Dies

Paul Shalala

Former Information and Broadcasting Services Minister in the Movement for Multi-Party Democracy -MMD Government RONNIE SHIKAPWASHA has died.

Former First Lady MAUREEN MWANAWASA and family Spokesperson ALEX MAPUSHI have both confirmed the death of Lieutenant General SHIKAPWASHA in separate interviews with ZNBC News this evening.

Mrs. MWANAWASA, who is a first cousin of the late former Zambia Air Force Commander, says he died at the Maina Soko Military Hospital this evening.

She has told ZNBC News in a telephone interview that the family has lost a good man.

And Mr. MAPUSHI, who is also Lusaka Province Deputy Permanent Secretary, says the late former Keembe Member of Parliament died around 21:43hrs of acute abdominal secondary gunshot wounds.

Hon. Ronnie Shikapwasha (77) December 25th 1947- 14th January 2024

Lieutenant General Ronnie Shikapwasha was born December 25, 1947 and is the former Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services of Zambia, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Home Affairs.

Political career

He won the Keembe Constituency by-election on the MMD ticket after Minister of Home Affairs, Luckson Shikapwasha died in a tragfic accident in 2003.

He held various ministerial posts from 2003 until his party, the Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD,) lost the elections to the Patriotic Front in September 2011.

A retired Lt General of the Zambia Air Force, he was previously the home affairs minister of Zambia, from February 9, 2003, until January 2005, when he switched positions with Kalombo Mwansa in a cabinet reshuffle and became foreign minister.

He served as Foreign Minister for nearly two years, until another cabinet reshuffle in October 2006 which occurred after Levy Mwanawasa’s election to a second term as president. Shikapwasha returned to the position of Home Affairs Minister and was replaced as Foreign Affairs Minister by Agriculture Minister Mundia Sikatana.

Shikapwasha hailed from Zambia’s Central Province and is believed to be a relative to the former First Lady of Zambia, Maureen Kakubo Mwanawasa.

Military career

Before becoming Zambia Air Force (ZAF) Commander in 1991, Shikapwasha served as a diplomat and defence attache to Tanzania but fell out of favour with former president Kenneth Kaunda. During his tenure, former president Kaunda had the General investigated and found no wrongdoings. It is believed[by whom?] that he was sent back to Zambia where he was supposed to face charges but there was nothing to charge him on.

Shikapwasha served as the Zambia Air Force Commander under former president Frederick Chiluba. He was subsequently relieved from his duties while lying in a hospital in South Africa on the verge of death.

Personal life

His education of that of military background, having attended training in England, Russia, China, former Yugoslavia, and India. He is world travelled and once served as the first republican president (KK) personal pilot. He has 8 children with his wife Jane. Gen Shikapwasha is a staunch Christian.



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