Hon. Sunday Chanda Wants Govt To Ban Regional Groupings Such As Cuundu Caitwa, Umodzi Kum’wa, Kola Foundation Etc



He writes:

Government must ban regional groupings in order to preserve national unity in Zambia. Anything that threatens the ‘One Zambia, One Nation’ motto must not be allowed to exist.

It is also important for the positive forces in the political space including the media and opposition to implore and preach “death of tribalism” to all. On this same score let me appeal to the Church and other religious leaders in the nation to categorically condemn tribalism including any semblance of it thereof.

Let us remind ourselves that in Rwanda the Hutu tribalism against Tutsis (so-called “cockroaches”) which led to the genocide was schemed, promoted and funded by politicians and other elites, but executed by common people, young boys with pangas.

When the country exploded, the same politicians and elites were the first ones to flee the country leaving behind hundreds of thousands of common Hutus to be arrested and paraded in Gachacha Traditional Courts and Prisons. The few Politicians and elites held accoubtable were arrested under pseudo names in Belgium, France, Cape Town but some will never be arrested. Meanwhile 1 million people lay dead!

Students of history will recall that tribalism and ethnicity killed Yugoslavia following the death of a great leader and unifier President Josip Broz Tito, and a very close ally of President Kenneth Kaunda, tribalists fought for their regions and today there are 7 or 8 small and weak countries in the Balkans.

Kenneth Kaunda and his friends achieved the’One Zambia, One Nation’ in the midst of racist and ethnic challenges. These must inspire today’s Zambia. That is also what President Julius Nyerere did in Tanzania. However most African countries utterly failed to fight tribalism and regionalism and millions of their people perished, their countries broke up are still very unstable till today.

Zambia has never experienced the ghastly consequences of tribalism. We must therefore constantly remind ourselves of the single most important cause of civil wars, secessions, genocide – tribalism and regionalism.

Political parties in Zambia should mobilize as nationalists and not regionalists. This is what ZANC/UNIP did against Colonialists and ANC in the late 50s/60s, and that is what MMD did against UNIP in 1991. If Zambia has to exist as ‘One Zambia, One Nation’ it has to be mobilized as such, not on regions and tribes.

Politicians and political parties must also realize that the answer to any alleged Tribalism is not more tribalism and regionalism, just like the answer to racism is not more racism.

I am therefore appealing to Zambians of good conscience to instead come together as one and make tribalists as insignificant as possible.


Hon Sunday Chanda
Member of Parliament
Kanchibiya Constituency
Muchinga Province


  1. We have never ever had such tribal groupings before Hakainde took over.

    KK warned us just before he died. That was his last message to try and keep the country united. His concern was not Hakainde’s tribe, but Hakainde himself and his character. I feel so ashamed to have dismissed his warnings lightly, and proceeded to go against his advice.

    We sold our souls to the devil.

    • Hmmmm @Indigo, HH has never preached tribalism at any function. It’s Chishimba KAMBWILI. You just hate HH. You want him to change names and become Wamunyima Wamunyima????..
      What do people really want from Hakainde??!

      You just “naturally hate” HH without any reason.

      • Anderson, I do not hate Hakainde.

        I tirelessly campaigned for him because I believed in his promises of a new Zambia. His promises to fight corruption, to be transparent in governance. His promise of addressing cost of living, fighting tribalism, and not squashing opponents.

        What has happened since he got elected?

        This is not the Zambia we voted for.

  2. Sunday Chanda is totally right on this one. All those fools wanting this tribal nonsense and preaching hate on tribes should be locked away for a long time. We have Rwanda as an example of foolish tribal talk

  3. As Barotseland we saw this nonsense of a tribal hegemony a long tome ago. The only problem here is HH coming from unpreferred tribe. We voted for Kaunda, Chiluba, Banda, Sata and Lungu, it appears we were taken for fools.

  4. Lamba Calf,

    This is the problem with your kind. Anyone that says your small god has messed up, or that he is making too many tribal appointments, is called a tribalist.

    Now you are calling KK a tribalist because it was him that warned us and we did not listen. So was I a tribalist when I voted for Hakainde? Use your brains sometimes.

  5. Indigo Tyrol, why are so warped up in your discourse on any issue raised? Why do you see Hakainde Hichilema in whatever issue that anyone brings up? In your response to Anderson, you lied that you voted for HH. Really, Indigo Tyrol? Your hatred for HH can only be attributed to the big loss of PF in the 2021 elections. You never dreamed that HH would win and win so big that PF was badly humiliated.
    I really pity you Indigo Tyrol, and I would advise you to be civil and well mannered in your engagements with others. Show respect and avoid foul language against other people. And please mind your blood pressure. The way you are going may not be good for your health.

    • Yuri, I do not lie. What foul language have I used?

      Tribalism was bad yesterday, and I condemned it.

      Tribalism is bad today, and I am condemning it.

      Hakainde duped voters with fake promises to get elected. I am not the only one that regrets not listening to our beloved KK.

  6. I concur with this very sober minded MP. In my view its these so called traditional ceremonies that are bringing up these tribal groupings. We are quite a cosmopolitan society in Zambia right now. I do not see the value of these so called ceremonies other than a circus spectacle.

  7. But honest zicta, zp and other law enforcement departments, why don’t you arrest this gentleman not for prosecution purposes but so as that we know how he looks Maybe we might be arguing with an ape here whose view thing differently from many people.

  8. You cannot what foul language you use , Indigo Tyrol, because it is in your DNA. You are in the league of your mentor Chishimba Kambwili. When it comes to hatred, you hate with everything in you. Change your ways, because the people that you hate without course are as Zambian as you are. The Hakainde Hichilema whom you hate with such venom is the Republican President whether you like it or not.
    You lie to yourself that HH has failed to fulfill his campaign promises. I pity you because pretending not to see how those campaign promises are being fulfilled before your very eyes is living a lie. It leads one to become a pathological liar. You make a lie and convince yourself that the lie is the truth, then you jumping up and down trying to convince others that your brazen lie is truth.
    I advise you again Indigo Tyrol, take a deep breath before your warped up type of discourse consumes you.

    • Yaba.

      Ka Kwacha is how much? Ka fuel how much? Ka 25kg bag of mapopwe is how much? How many have been convicted for corruption, mukula trade, gassing, fire tenders, sulligate etc etc.?

      Ati Hakainde has kept his promises hahaha. Kuti waseka. The only promise, maybe, he has are those he made to his tribe and white masters. Kwasila.

  9. Indigo Tyrol, you are not being truthful as usual. But lies have very short legs. And your tribal narrative just exposes you as hateful towards other people. But let me briefly explain to you some of things that PF messed up over tens in power, which HH has cleaned up in just two years:
    1. getting rid of PF criminals who infected our
    markets, bus stations and streets.
    2. giving even foul mouthed tribalists the free
    space to call people from other provinces
    3.constructing the Chingola – Kasumbalesa road,
    easing the follow of traffic there.
    4. maybe you have never heard of the CDF. Just
    ask Hon. Sunday Chanda.
    4. KCM and MOPANI which PF destroyed are
    now fixed and will be fully operational soon.
    5. ZNC and ZCS will soon have their milling plants
    in all the provinces aimed at reducing the cost
    of mealie meal.
    6. free education which has brought many of our
    back to school.
    7. recruitment of large numbers of teachers and
    health personnel – employing those who PF had
    ignored for over ten years.
    Well, Indigo Tyrol, you pretend not know these happenings?
    Wishing you a Merry Christmas and have a wonderful night.

  10. Everyone that has other tribes in your family stand up for One Zambia One Nation. Silence is consent…
    For evil to prevail is the good men to do nothing.


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