Gregory Chifire
Gregory Chifire

By Oliver Chisenga

THE fight against corruption has been given new vigour and impetus following the appointments of Musa Mwenye and Gilbert Phiri to the ACC, says Gregory Chifire.

President Hakainde Hichilema has appointed former Attorney General Mwenye and Lusaka lawyer Phiri as Anti-Corruption Commission board chairman and director general respectively, pending ratification by the National Assembly.
Chifire, the Southern Africa Network against Corruption executive director, said the appointments confirm President Hichilema’s resolve to fight corruption to the hilt.

“I have no doubt that the combination of Musa Mwenye and Gilbert Phiri has given those that were and are involved in corruption serious

running stomach. There is no more hiding place for them. They are sweating profusely. A very strong statement has been made here. Honeymoon for the corrupt has ended. The chickens have come to roost,” he said. “Mwenye and Phiri have a mammoth task of cleaning the ACC that has lost public confidence. But there is no doubt that the two eminent lawyers are equal to the task. Their records in private practice speak volumes.”

Chifire, in exile, said the duo has a natural hatred for corruption and compromise among other qualities.
“These are the qualities needed in the anti-corruption drive. Zambians can be assured that the rampant corruption that was seen in the PF regime will without doubt be seriously and professionally looked at. All the corrupt will be successfully prosecuted. The current corruption will also be prosecuted. Our people are desirous of a professional corruption fight that is impartial, that knows no political affiliation, tribe, gender or creed,” he said.

Chifire said now that the ACC has been put in the right state, the nation hopes other institutions involved in the criminal justice system such as the police and the office of the Director of Public Prosecution would not be acting as stumbling blocks.


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