House Of Chiefs Condemns Divisive Regional Groupings Threatening National Unity

Chief Chisunka


19″ December 2023

The House of Chiefs, strongly condemns the
emergence of regional groupings such as Chuunda
Chaita, Kola Foundation, Luapula United, and Umozi
ku Mawa. These entities, purportedly fostering unity,
are instead contributing to the di
beloved nation.

We should all remember the sacrifices made by our
founding fathers who championed the principles of
co-existence under the banner of “One Zambia, One
Nation.” The House of Chiefs firmly advocates for
national unity and rejects any efforts that threaten
the unity of our diverse country.

1am urging every peace-loving Zambian not to allow
politicians to exploit these divisions for personal
gain. We should not forget that the peace-loving
i Zambia, standing as a beacon of peace in our region
and Africa, is at stake. Politicians may have the means

Ved to leave the country, but it is the ordinary citizens
who will bear the effect of instability and unrest.

The House of Chiefs calls upon all Zambians to uphold the ideals of unity, diversity, and peace that
have defined our nation for decades. Let us stand together against divisive forces and work towards
preserving the harmony that is essential for the prosperity of our great nation.

‘As traditional leaders we stand firmly in support of any efforts that promote peace and coexistence.
Let us not permit our nation to descend into the chaos that has afflicted other countries. We have
only one Zambia, and it is our collective responsibility to safeguard its peacefulness and unity.

HRH Chief Chisunka (Dr)
Chairperson — House of Chiefs
Chairperson — Luapula Province Council of Chiefs


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