How Did Shelby Chilekwa Manage To Continue Working In State House With Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu Even After Killing Lawrence Banda?



Former President Edgar Lungu’s return to active politics prompts a crucial demand from brave journalists and the Zambian public: seeking Lungu’s perspective on the Lawrence Banda murder. It is known that the killer of Lawrence Banda was the individual responsible for the president’s haircut. Mr. Lungu cannot employ someone without a real background to be near his body; therefore, he likely knows more about Shelby Chilekwa than ordinary Zambians do.

Though the victim is no more, the pressing need for further clarification persists. When Lawrence Banda was killed, Mr. Lungu, as the commander in chief of the armed forces, failed to condemn or instruct the police to investigate. Personally, I asserted that Lungu, informed by intelligence, knew about the killing, leading to justice denial due to the involvement of his associates. I faced persecution for this truth, being hunted like a criminal. However, after a change in government, the truth emerged – Lawrence Banda’s killer was a State House worker close to Mr. Lungu. Surprisingly, no words have come out of his mouth regarding this special case directly connected to State House.

To date, no one has questioned the former president about his role in this tragic incident. Was Lungu unaware that his barber, Shelby Chilekwa, killed Lawrence Banda? It’s essential for brave journalists to ask him at his next press briefing, as he emphasized consulting the person in State House for national issues. Since he was the one in State House at that time, let him tell us his side of the story. It is not that I hate President Lungu, but it’s such cases that make me take this stance.

Mr. Lungu must explain how he retained Chilekwa in State House despite this sad development. Could this be why he showed no concern when Lawrence Banda was killed by his employee? The potential lack of justice raises concerns if there hadn’t been a change in government. Without a doubt, if PF were still in power, Chilekwa would have continued cutting Mr. Lungu’s hair in State House. Are these individuals truly fit to be ambassadors of peace and national prosperity today?

This is why I argue that some people masquerading as leaders responsible for checks and balances are compromised, having witnessed or indirectly sponsored terrible acts in our nation, causing lasting pain in families. Their hands are stained with people’s blood.

Since some Zambians have short memories, in another instance, when PF thugs in Munali killed Glayia Matapa, Mr. Lungu, serving as head of state, issued a reckless statement dismissing Matapa’s death as a result of drunkenness. Despite Matapa’s prior media warnings about threats from PF thugs, the truth remains clear: he was murdered by well-known PF thugs, some of whom were sentenced.

The Zambian people should seek answers about Edgar Lungu’s role in these gruesome murders. As president, he owes an explanation about how these Zambians lost their lives under his leadership. Leadership is about taking responsibility and not responding to important questions like a pre-school kid.




  1. If Sikaile is indeed a human rights activist worth the name, he should also take keen interest in the barbaric stoning of PF Northwestern Province chair, Kungo, by suspected UPND cardres in August of 2021. Whilst justice may seem to have been served in the case of Lawrence Banda, the same cannot be said in the case of Kungo. The life of Kungo matters just as well as that of Lawrence Banda.

    • Dr. Mulenga Kaoma the PF’s Jackson Kungo was slaughtered by his fellow PF criminals who were demanding share of PF ilicit money for monitoring elections. Stop contaminating Social Media Platform with your weird and unresearched hearsays. I submit!

  2. Gadafi was a well known thug…a brutal UPND thug…and Chilekwa’s case is under appeal. Allow the due process of the law to take it’s course. Us who followed the proceedings of the case saw big holes in the judgement . Let justice be done… Gadafi is the one who followed the PF group…He is the one who went to the PF vehicle, and not the other way around..that is the evidence before our honourable courts..Who was the agressor mwebantu?? let Justice be done!

    • Hallucinating Hypocrite stop lying iwe PF loser. Chilekwa is toiling alone mundende bwana while you are busy hallucinating PF Kembo iwe. Your Jackson Kungo was slaughtered ny your fellow PF who were demanding their share of PF elicit cash supplied for election monitoring. The PF was holding ounto the cash as if it was his cash alone.

  3. Jonathan Mutaware aka ECL is a Fraudster!
    It’s amazing how Zambians so easily elect Fraudulent Malawian individuals to lead them to hell … Kikikiki


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