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HOW HUMBLE IS ECL?~ Banda Sakanya

How humble is ECL? I don’t see any humbleness in him because a humble leader Should be able to respect the constitution which he has failed to do so.

ECL is a lawyer who clearly understands that his terms as a president are over but he has continued playing hide and seek using the concourt ruling that never ruled on his eligiblity.

The ruling by concourt not to discontinue the case on the matter of eligibility UPND Katuba MP Bampi Kapalakasa has taken to concourt is a clear indication that ECL will be on the ballot without being petitioned.
There are two things that will happen ; rule in favour of Lungu or continue to drag the matter untill after elections.

The concourt refusal to discontinue the matter is a clear indication that the court is trying to avoid the pending petition after ECL files his application..

Why should the Attorney general object the matter being withdrawn by the petitioners when on the other hand PF has been stating that concourt ruled on eligibility in favour of ECL to stand?

Why does the attorney general want concourt to rule once more on the matter that PF is claiming concourt had ruled in favour of ECL to stand?
Is that not wasting concourt time and using it as a playing field by allowing the case to be ruled twice?

I see this as tricky life line for ECL to stand and participate in the election without being petitioned.

Unless otherwise, consider ECL participating without being petitioned.

This is how ECL has outplayed and betrayed Zambians because of his insatiable for power.


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