How is a small country like France bullying ECOWAS over common currency? – Historian


A Historian, Adam Abdul Aziz has described African Leaders as a bunch of jokers who have not done much to liberate their citizens from economic hardship which is the root cause of coup d’étate in Africa.

According to him, the only way African leaders can stop the rising cases of insurrection is to gain economic independence from the West and other superpowers and make life comfortable for the citizenry.

Speaking on Kasapa 102.5FM/Agoo TV on the back of the recent coup in Gabon which is the latest in the wave of coups in some African countries, Adam Abdul Aziz said the only way Africa can gain economic independence is the implementation of its own currency.

He added that Economic Community of West Africa States (ECOWAS) can start by implementing the ECO currency.

“We are about 1.5 billion people in Africa, but we are the only people who don’t have a common currency. The Ghana Cedi is not a currency, if your currency depends on another country then you have no currency.

“The whites have made sure there’s no Common currency in Africa. The first step is that we should give ECOWAS leaders a 24 month ultimatum to implement the ECO currency and establish an ECOWAS Central Bank.

“If they can’t implement it, all of them should resign because they were ready to send troops to Niger to fight. Now, we are no longer going to use bombs and gun, just pen and paper. Implement the ECO currency or resign.

“African leaders are a bunch of jokers, how can you say you are taking 30 years to implement the use of a currency that is going to take your people out of poverty.

“We allow a small country like France to bully 16 countries (ECOWAS) from implementing such a policy that will lift the over 400 million people out of poverty. I mean, our leaders can’t do this but they can organize soldiers to want to go and attack Niger junta leaders.

“The solution to all these coup d’états is economic independence, we really need economic independence. If we had an ECOWAS Central Bank, Ghana will not have to go to ECOWAS for $3billion. I see our leaders to be jokers and at the same time cowards.”


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