Slapdee popularly known as King Dizo has been one of the most decorated and successful music icon in Zambia.

Besides music Slapdee has had a lot of endorsements from different companies. He used to be the Brand Ambassador for different companies because of his strong fan base. He is among the blessed rappers with loyal fans that used to defend him in anyway because of what he speaks in his songs.

In the previous months Slapdee surprised his fans because of his stance on politics. Like they say politics is a dirty game fans never thought he could do music for politicians. From the look of things Slapdee sided with a political party that most of his fans are against with.

Fans turned against him, they called him names and names. Just when things started to cool down Slapdee took his time to share a picture of Upnd leader Mr Hichilema to wish him a good birthday. Fans got furious because of the picture he used abd for that matter, they blasted him off which led him to deactivate his Facebook account for some weeks.

Life became different for the most celebrated music king 🤴
You can imagine from being called King to being addressed as carder.
2021 became one of the toughest years of his career.
No endorsements
No love from fans
No happiness
Will the King pick his pieces and get up or this could be his retirement

Share your opinion down here
But remember
(The name Is King Dizo 👑 )


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