I always wanted to marry a highly educated woman.
I have changed my mind.

I was late for my flight to Eldoret. I knew that if the traffic at Mombasa road didn’t easen up, I would miss my flight and that wouldn’t have gone well with the client I was meeting in Eldoret. To cut the long story, I got to Wilson Airport just in time for the departure. I serve a living God, what did you expect… 🙂

After the usual airport formalities and tiring safety protocols, the air bus soon tore its massive body into the air and soon we were 34,000 ft above sea levels.

Seated next to me was a lady.

This one was fire on ice. Annoyingly cute with a graceful height. Her skin tone was refreshingly sapple and her eyes were snow white and soul searching. I did summersulting calculations and boom! I had less that 1 hour 15 minutes to win this power girl. GAME LIVE!
Being the Socrates that I am, I knew I wasn’t basic. So instead of asking her random stuff like what she does for a living and what her favorite color was, I asked if we could play a small game.

Her name was Nancy.

Nancy mentioned that she was tired and politely rejected my offer to a game. She also mentioned that all she wanted was to take a nap as she was having a connecting flight from Eldoret to Kisumu. Upon politely regecting my request to a game, cute Nancy then rolled over to the window to catch a few winks.
Again, being the Socrates that I am, I insisted. I told Nancy that the game was simple yet fun.
I told her that in the game, I was to ask her a question. If she didn’t know the answer, she’d pay me 1K. And Vice versa.

Again, Nancy declined and tried to get some sleep.

Feeling agitated and my manly ego terribly bruised, I told her that if she didn’t know the answer, she’d pay me the 1K. But if I didn’t know the answer, I would pay her 15K.

This caught Nancy’s attention 😉 🙂.
Look at the lengths we go to get a cute woman’s attention. It’s important to note that I knew I would answer all her questions. I knew that anything she would ask would be simple. I was good with challenges and riddles, so the 15K was a bait to get this cute person to be interested. That’s all.

Nancy realized that I was the persistent type and knowing too well that there was no end to this torment unless she played, she agreed to the game.
I shot the first question.
‘Nancy, what’s the distance between the moon and the earth surface?’
My cute crush didn’t say any word. She reached her purse and pulled out a new 1K note and handed it over to me. Damn! Boychild winning at first half.

I looked at her deep blue eyes and with a suggestive wink, I whispered.. `Your turn dear’
Nancy adjusted her explosive feminine gait. She looked at me deeply into the eyes, breathed in slowly and threw her question.
‘Socrates sir, now that you seem to know everything. What goes up a hill with 3 legs and comes down with 4 legs?’


I pulled out my laptop and dived into the internet. No response! I reached out to all sites that have responses to riddles. Nothing! Frustrated, I posted the riddle on whatsapp status, no reply! I tried a few friends I thought knew a thing or two about this and that. ZERO!
After one hour of traumatizing research, I woke Nancy up from her flight slumber, took 15K from my briefcase and handed it to her.
Suprisingly, Nancy says a hurried ‘thank you so much’ and goes to continue with her sleep.

Feeling a little bit disoriented and shocked, I wake up Nancy and meekly asks her what the answer to her question was.
Without a word, this woman reached out to her bag, removed a 1K note, handed it over to me and went back to sleep!


She too didn’t know the answer?


Written by Socrates


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