I am Ready To Be President Now – Danny Pule


…as he urges President Hakainde Hichilema to address high levels of poverty and homosexuality in the country

By Correspondent Reporter
CHRISTIAN Democratic Party (CDP) president Danny Pule says he is ready to become the next President of Zambia in 2026.

And Dr. Pule has urged the UPND government to urgently address the high cost of living and the birth of homosexuality in the country.

Dr Pule has noted with sadness at the high cost of living, which he says has reached extreme levels making it difficulty for ordinary Zambians to survive.

Speaking at a press briefing in Kitwe today, Dr. Pule said that poverty levels under the UPND administration have reached alarming levels where by most Zambians were losing hope for survival on a daily basis.

He said it was only fair and urgent for the UPND run government to quickly find solutions to the current situation which has exposed Zambians to experience stress.

Meanwhile, Dr. Pule has advised the UPND government to strengthen the application of the law against homosexuality, wondering why President Hakainde Hichilema and his government have become flat in issues of homosexuality.

He observed that the continued re-occurrence of pro-homosexuality campaigns in the country is a result of the weakness in the application of the law against the vice which he described as being against the Christian values Zambia believes in.

And Dr. Pule who is on party mobilization exercise said he was ready to be President now and that he will participate in 2026 general elections.

He said he was on the Copperbelt to organize the party structures in the province before going to Luapula and Northern Province.

“As a party we aim to fight the vices of economic injustice, poverty, unemployment, nepotism and tribalism, our party truly aims at being guided by equitable public access to basic needs and essential goods. And as you know, I am ready to be President now and we shall be President in 2026 because we shall win,” he said.

Dr Pule has further called on all Zambians to join the Christian Democratic Party to prepare for the formation of a government that will reverse the depravity of the country’s Christian and cultural values.


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