I am ready to risk my life to save the PF- Edgar Lungu

Edgar Lungu

“I AM ready for anything, including risking my own life to save the Patriotic Front (PF),” Former republican President Edgar Lungu has said.

Mr Lungu says victory is certain and that the machinations by the ruling United Party for National Development (UPND) in form of ‘Imingalato’ will not stop him.

He has also noted that he is aware that the next move by the UPND is to lift his immunity, but he is ready and not worried about the outcome.

Speaking when he addressed the media on a number or issues, he said that he did not intend to get back into active politics, but he did so to ensure that PF lives on.

He noted that this was from the backdrop of the machinations from Government to steal, kill and destroy the PF in order to continue their stay in power.

“The machinations became more when those in power wanted to state a coup in PF using their stooges. They were illegally endorsed by police, followed by the National Assembly to swot democracy. This becomes more vivid when the victim who in this case, is the PF is treated as a villian, and a state sponsored sect is being given protection by the law,” he said.

Mr Lungu claimed that unfortunately, for those in power, it is not possible to submerge the PF in an attempt of using ‘Imingalato.’

“In this regard, I made a call to all opposition s as to defend Zambia’s hard earned democracy. I called for unity of purpose and today I am humbled for the unanimous response. Victory is certain, we shall certainly defeat those scheming against democracy,” he said.

He further claimed that he came back into politics to save the PF from being stolen of killed by the government.

“I am aware the next move is to lift my immunity from prosection. This does not worry me. It is another ploy to divert people from their failure, ” he said.



  1. Ba Lungu, you did never left politics but merely engaged in deception pretending that you had left politics while you continued to run PF. This was evident from the fact that even in your tours of churches under the guise of worshipping, you were always accompanied by a retinue of PF officials.

    As for your victory being certain, we have heard that before. In 2021, your Mr. Lubinda said you were a formidable candidate and that is why the opposition was scared of your candidature. The fact is you were not eligible to stand but the pliant Constitutional Court gave you a third term attempt. We, the voters finally showed you the door inspite of your “imingalato”.

    You lost to HH even though you ensured he had no chance to campaign.

    You are back again with your misplaced sense of victory. Clearly, you never learn. You lost with all the advantages of incumbency. This time, your fall will be gigantic and you will never recover. Don’t tempt fate.


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