• Insults are not good my brother these are just politics that woman you telling that is someone sister mother or relative.
      Pls let’s be civil it’s her opinion respect it.

  1. Immediately lungu announced he is back this lady she has switched again. She thinks lungu is going to be president in 2026 so has decided go back to her vomit.

  2. This Bitch is a serial liar! She knows she never campaigned for UPND, calls herself a Reverend and now stands on the podium telling lies that she campaigned for the ND! She stood on the PF ticket and was campaigning for PF and Lungu so when could she have campaigned for UPND?
    Please treat this pig with the contempt it deserves.
    Even if you catch her being shagged she can still deny it; that’s Given Chituta.

    • She first went to parliament on FDD ticket. Towards 2021 she campaigned for PF but was not adopted so she stood as an Independent. She is currently there as an independent MP but her debate are always bitter towards the new dawn govt. It is an absolute lie that she campaigned for UPND.
      This woman has issues, but no need to use insulting language nor call her names. Its not our call to do that, but she should be corrected when she tells lies. She may be suffering from selective dementia

  3. Menopause, especially when diagnosed chronic, sever and delirious can make such confused statements when you add lungu as a topping. Totally stupid pfidiot!!

  4. Some of the comments are absolutely disgusting and not expected from a normal human being.

    You can disagree with her but that doesnot mean you hurl insults at her. It is a sign that your brain has developed an airlock and you have failed to counter her argument intelligently.

  5. Was the Hon MP living in Zambia during the time of PF? She sounds like she was living outside Zambia. The police she is complaining about was being abused under PF five, ten times than it is now. We lost a lot of our loved ones at the hands of the abused police. Mapenzi Chibulo, Nsama Nsama, Joseph Kaunda and many more were all shot dead by the police. The abuse included resources, you saw how HH was escorted back to Lusaka from Chingola with 32 vehicles after some shootings when he tried to attend Church services. The police drove to Shibuyunji to search for none existent weapons. Senior Chief Mukuni’s wife was abducted from Livingstone on a suspected case, HH was refused exit at Chipata airport many hours after landing there, have you forgotten about Sesheke? Have you forgotten about Community House night raid? I can go on and on but these are the things we were complaining about the police because they were killing us instead of protecting us. This time things have tremendously changed, the police are committed to protect the citizens and their property and they are doing a good job. It’s normal for police to be anywhere they feel peace and order are threatened, they can be at parliament, any party secretariat, political rally of any party, venue for nominations etc and you can’t complain about the people who are protecting you. Have you noticed that deaths through the hands of the police are no longer there after August, 2021 because police brutality is gone, they are now protecting instead of killing. Is that not good for the citizens? In my opinion, police performance is far much better under UPND than it was under PF. Come 2026, ni forward chabe.


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