I am suffering, I need any kind of job – UPND praise singer Ntanzana


I am suffering, I need any kind of job – Ntanzana

Greetings fellow citizens,

I have been receiving questions like, “Has President Hakainde Hichilema appointed you?”
Or “When is the UPND giving you a job?”
Even, “What are the leaders of your Party saying about your unemployment?”
Including, “Have the UPND responded to your calls for a job?”
Others have mocked me, “So you think HH can give you a job?”

This morning, I thought I should make an important and sincere clarification on this matter: that I need just any job, not necessarily a political appointment. Let this be clear to all; both political opponents and allies.

The call for a job is not motivated by me being a UPND cadre or praise singer. It is inspired by poverty; and backed by University papers. I am wallowing in financial crippledness, I need to work and earn a salary and the good part is that I have Masters and Bachelors Degrees in Public Administration from the University of Zambia (UNZA) specializing in Local Government Administration and I hold a Certificate in Computer Studies from LIFETECH College coupled with a Grade 12 School Certificate from David Kaunda Technical High School (DKTHS). Therefore, the job I seek should be based on merit not patronage.

I can work both in the public and private sectors and I am ready to take up any position in either. I qualify for a number of jobs in the corporate world or social milieu, for instance, Local Councils, Ministries, Human Resource (HR) departments, Multinational corporations, Foreign Service, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), the Business world, Universities/Social Research organisations and so on.

My call for a job is done primarily in my capacity as an embattled human being, who happens to be a citizen of the Republic of Zambia, not necessarily as a member of the UPND. I am asking for your empathy, especially you the well-meaning fellow Zambians regardless of political affiliation, tribe etc.

I hereby re-echo the call for a job. Look, I was dismissed maliciously, unfairly and unlawfully in 2020. I am now suffering and I need help -a job; help from any person(s) who can render it.

“How can you serve in the civil service when you’re politically active?” Some have asked me. The thing is: I choose a job over politics; I can exercise political neutrality. Please get this point.

“Did you join the UPND so that they could give you a job?” another question I am being asked. The answer to this question is NO. I joined the UPND because I felt it was the most capable political organisation in the country to take Zambia forward, I believe in a better Zambia for all and I wished I could contribute to this national aspiration through being a member of the Party.

I know there are many people within the UPND who are jobless like me and they too need employment; I am not special but I am in a serious financial crisis, I desperately need a source of income to take care of my family -hence my opening up to you all. I opened up not because I was special but due to the fact that I could not take it. I hope you understand.

“Can you accept a job in a political party other than the UPND?” more difficult questions for me. Look, I do not need questions, I need a job. I am not here to be tempted but to seek assistance. Napapata bantu ba Mulungu. Help me, I am suffering. I know my situation gives joy to my enemies but I believe a well-wisher will respond some day and pull me out of this lonely ditch.

Allow me to conclude by apologizing to you all for any stress that this persistent call for a job may have caused. It is just that I desperately need support -a job. However, this is the last time you are hearing me ask for a job because I have done enough. You will never hear me talk about this again. Be assured. For now, I will just be waiting quietly whilst praying that a good Samaritan appears to rescue me.

Attached on WhatsApp is my Curriculum Vitae (CV) for the consideration of any prospective employer. As for you on Facebook, Twitter, Email and all, you can contact me on the number or Email address here below so that I may forward the CV to you. Kindly help me by forwarding it to any employer you know, circulate it to various WhatsApp groups and all. If possible, let it go beyond the borders of Zambia -I can go work abroad or overseas if there are no vacancies in my country, Zambia. Navutika bantu ba Mulungu .

I wish all of you a Merry X-mas and Happy New Year!

Today, I rest my case
Ntazana Musukuma Mutungwa


  1. Comrade suffering,
    While I feel sorry for you but I think your qualifications have not taught you nothing. All it has taught u is to parade ur papers. Look around and see how many people who have not of that doing well.
    Shame on you
    Perhaps your god will find u a job but be reminded he failed to find a job for his illegitimate child jesus


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