SEER 1 Writes; I do not want you to misunderstanding this BATTLE. This is not a battle between I and the Zambian people, no it’s a battle between me and the useless PF government.

I love Zambia as a nation and will never ever go into war with a nation that gave me home for 7 good years.

It’s not about me going back to Zambia when PF loses elections. My legs are never ever stepping on Zambian soil anymore, I have nothing to benefit or lose when PF loses elections.

All I want is that the people of Zambia must be freed from the mess we have put them into through spiritually imposing a visionless leader on them that has completely destroyed the country beyond repair.

Once that is done, I will have peace and wash my hands off. As for now, I have no peace, I barely sleep at night looking at the pain that we have caused the innocent people of Zambia.



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