I beg you please don’t buy Eagle Milling … Hakainde can’t eat “this poison”- Nawakwi


I beg you please don’t buy Eagle Milling – Nawakwi … Hakainde can’t eat “this poison”

FDD president Edith Nawakwi has instructed Zambians to stop buying Eagle mealie-meal produced by the Zambia National Service, saying it is dangerous stuff.

Speaking to Daily Revelation, Nawakwi told every mother and father to eat food they know.

“I am not appealing, I am telling every mother, parent, every father, every grandmother, every single mother, that Eagle mealie meal is dangerous, you would rather eat chimbwali … This is your former minister of Agriculture, I am telling…https://dailyrevelationzambia.com/i-beg-you-please-dont-buy-eagle-milling-nawakwi/


  1. What a pathetic loser!!! I am glad you are not anywhere near the corridors of power madam. As if you are not educated!!!! I doubt you even pray!!!!

  2. So the cheap brand of mealie meal should not be bought by people cause you say so?

    Please imwe mayo is that what they taught you as being the way to deal with issues? Some economics degree you have..hey!
    Millers acts like a cartel, raising mealie meal prices (justifiable or not) but there is nothing in our statutes that stops (lazy competition agency mu fola chabe ndalama na nchito yamane muchita si woneka. You should be drafting legaslation and recommending to the state what you should enacting to protect consumers….shaaa)
    Anywho…calculator boy created a venture to counter these price gaugers and imwe ndweee and condenming calculator boy daily….)
    Kulijala Ku mawa, ku congo kaa….

  3. Nawakwi’s type of politics has always been that of a Namakwenkwe and therefore toxic. But this is now going beyond politics and Govt, the police need to do their job and arrest her without bail.
    Hakainde has been very weak on her but this is beyond the two.
    If they had a sexual relationship in the past, our Govt should not allow a situation where a sexual partner is now making counter statements that will put people’s lives into danger.
    Nawakwi is not a scientist, has laboratories or any other facts to scare people that the mealie in shops is poison. We are fed up with such cheap politics. She is now enchroncing on our rights without justification. Can tbe police do something about this mad woman please?
    Why should HH be sacrificing our rights at alter for the pleasure of his ex girlfriends.
    Every day it’s Nawakwi and that and the mad woman is never arrested because she is one of Hakainde’s ex sexmate! Utter nonsense! Where is the police and Judiciary in this nonsense?

    • Last time I checked alarming the nation with falsehood was a criminal offense as well as subversive. STUPID IDIOT WITCH.

  4. I earlier did allude to the fact that Nawkawi attacks on our president is personal and very destructive.
    We are organising with lawywers if it is possible to do a citizens arrest for Edith and put this nonses to rest. Results anytime next week.
    If citizens stop buying affordable melie meal will you Nakwiwa offer a cheaper source?
    What you are doing you woman is evil the police must definitely visit you ways sana.

  5. This woman is pathetic. She is so malicious towards the president. Yes please can some people have her summoned so she tells us what itches her. Vindictive cow.

    • Mental cases sometimes manifest in different ways, does Chinama have powers to forcefully pick suspected patients for medical evaluation, if they have those powers, please pick this lady and help her with medication before it is too late. She should have been evacuated earlier than Umwine wamasushi to some country for mental medical evaluation


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