I can defeat Hichilema in 2026 – Mumbi Phiri

Mumbi Phiri
Mumbi Phiri

I can defeat Hichilema in 2026 – Mumbi Phiri

I can defeat Hakainde Hichilema in 2026, says former PF secretary general Mumbi Phiri

Speaking with Daily Revelation this Tuesday, Phiri said things were so bad in the country that anyone to stand on a strong party ticket would defeat President Hakainde Hichilema in 2026.

“Even Kasonde Mwenda (the EFF leader), even Saboi Imboela (NDC leader), even…https://dailyrevelationzambia.com/i-can-defeat-hichilema-in-2026-mumbi-phiri/


  1. Pipo never stop hallucinating! They made ecl to lose big time in 2021. Some of their colleagues said the same thing before, ‘claimed to be more popular than hh’, said hh was under 5 politician, only the results proved how non analytical they are/were. Please serve us the drama by keeping such ideas to your self. Even if it’s politics, that’s not the way to take it.

  2. It’s good to make people laugh at times, thank you Madame for that. But for you to talk of defeating HH is day dreaming. Is it because of Lungu’s come back? Ukusamwa Noku sabaila muleke, limbi mulefwaya naimwe mukasebane.

  3. The only place you can beat HH is on Addis Ababa rd you b1tch.
    Just look at how ugly you are, mama Mia you are one ugly women kikikiki
    Only lungu will have s*x with you

  4. We have people who used to say, “If HH wins the elections, cut my nkwanikane”.
    Others used to say, “I am more popular than HH”. Still others would say, “I am richer than HH”.
    Now they are quite.
    So, we are used to these rantings.

  5. One weeps for Zambia at the poor calibre of the minds of her post -1964 Independence era offspring,as demonstrated in comments made by Buddy,Citizen,Katana,Buckteeth lungu and Nsama! It’s beggar’s belief a future generation of Zambians can be so Stone Aged?
    They have all missed the plot!!!

    • Clearly someone is so wrapped up in their poltical illusions that they cant see beyond hand out from PF. They cant see the criminality in the PF. The dont see the abuse that took place in PF that led to PF losing the 2021 elections. They dont believe in the institutions that form various organs of government and their functions as a conduit through which non economic goods and services are provided instead believe in a set of thugs taking over that role to enrich themselves as they failed at anything else in life.

  6. There are better things to say than the impossible thoughts coming out from Mumbi Phiri. Mumbi Phiri is a joker and talkative person who is fond of making utterances without thinking. It is a known fact that reality has dawn with the PF and their hungry seeking opportunistic associates, that president Hikainde Hichilema can not be defeated in 2026 elections even with all combined efforts of the opposition political parties.

    The new dawn government is on a right trajectory and the economic measures they have put in place will bring economic prosperity to Zambia. The challenge most people have is that they were used to receiving handouts from PF using corrupt and stolen money. PF leaders were accustomed to dishing out public funds to cadres and promoted laziness and thieving mentality. Today, in Zambia the rule of law has been restored and sanity in the utilization of public funds has be strengthened.

    On the other hand, loading shedding of electricity and drought effects on the lives of people will come to pass as resilient measures are being undertaken by government to stabilise the economy.

    So Mumbi Phiri should stop making nonsensical and foolish statements.


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