I did not contract Zimba for the printing of T-Shirts – Kampyongo testifies


I did not contract Zimba for the printing of T-Shirts – Kampyongo testifies

….after failing to produce any evidence of Kampyongo contracting him, the plaintiffs said it was a VERBAL contract….

Court News. FRI 16-02-2024

YESTERDAY before magistrate Silvia Muninya former Home Affairs Minister Hon. Stephen Kampyongo testified that at no time did he contract Ziga Limited to print some campaign materials and is currently owing K80,000.

Speaking when he gave his testimony, the Shiwang’andu Parliamentarian said he had no knowledge of this deal and only came to know about it in 2022 when the former chasefu Mp Jerald Zimba contacted him requesting for payment of the balance.

He further stated that, with the details of the deal that the Zimba gave he assured him of speaking to the names mentioned that dealt with this transaction.

“I don’t much about the company in question but I know the plaintiff as an individual. Hon. Zimba was one of those potential youths I identified when I was the PF National Youth Chairman and recommended to have him adopted as a parliamentary candidate for chasefu in 2016 and was successful and was elected as Mp”

“When the plaintiff contacted me over this I even told him that I had no knowledge of it and advised him that I would get to the bottom of it by engaging the beneficiary and the person who called him to place the order. The next thing I saw was me being sued for a transaction I was not part of claiming that I gave the the plaintiff VERBAL consent to print the said materials”

When questioned if he contracted the plaintiff to print tshirts. The Shiwang’andu Member of Parliament who is also Member of the central committee said

“As Member of the central committee which the policy making organ of the party. The aspect of printing campaign materials is guided by the party policy and so as a member of CC and candidate in an election I am not allowed to contract printing service for campaign materials which are not recommended by the party. This task is a preserve of the party secretariat”

On the other hand, the defense called on their witness being the beneficiary of the said order.

“I was not contacted by Hon. Kampyongo no! After my adoption I received a call from a fellow youth who was congratulating me for being picked as the party’s candidate he later informed me that once resources are put together I will receive some campaign materials from Chasefu MP who was the vendor. And because nomination day was fast approaching I reached out to the same youth and the t-shirts were delivered via trucks four days later.”

And, the court cautioned the plaintiffs lawyers who were leading the witnesses on the stand.

“I am trying to be very patient and I am trying so hard but let’s do the right thing here, let’s do the right thing. I won’t go in details”

The further gave 7 days to submit their closing and the matter will come up on 28th March for judgement.


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