“I Didn’t Sleep Last Night”: Sengezo Tshabangu Reveals CCC MPs Are Begging Him Not To Recall Them

Sengezo Tshabangu Reveals CCC MPs Are Begging Him Not To Recall Them [Image: Bulawayo24]

Self-proclaimed CCC interim secretary general Sengezo Tshabangu has revealed that CCC MPs are begging him not to recall them.


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CCC In A Quandary As High Court Dismisses Challenge To Recalls
On Saturday, the High Court threw out the application by CCC legislators challenging their recall. Last month, Tshabangu recalled 15 MPs, nine senators and 17 councillors, citing that they are no longer CCC members.

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In dismissing the MPs’ challenge, Justice Munamato Mutevedzi ruled that the applicants had failed to provide the CCC constitution,

“…or any document which showed that Sengezo Tshabangu could possibly not have held the position he claimed he held. It was simply their word that he wasn’t (interim secretary general). That is not enough… The onus to prove entitlement to the declaratory orders sought was on the applicants. They did not even begin to discharge it. They have not established their case on a balance of probabilities as required by law and are therefore not entitled to the declaratur they seek.”

Tshabangu Reveals CCC MPs Are Begging Him Not To Recall Them

Speaking after the court judgement, Sengezo Tshabangu said CCC sitting MPS are scurrying to him for mercy:

“They are actually calling me every hour, every minute that, ‘SG, please don’t recall us. We will take whatever you say, and we are prepared to work with you.’ So I didn’t sleep last night because members of Parliament were reaching out. And I promised them that look, as long as you know that you are in that position elected by the people, you are safe. If you know that you paid people for you to get into that position, unfortunately, my office is going to visit you.”

He also threatened to reshuffle the lawmakers in Parliament:

“We are going to reshuffle the setup in Parliament. We are going to have a fresh caucus and we are going to have a reshuffle because those people positioned themselves there without broader consultation of the movement. Things are going to change. We can’t disengage. We can’t create a constitutional crisis unnecessarily. So if there are any problems, we will discuss them with the members of Parliament. We will whip them into line. We will consult them.”


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