Local Government and Rural Development Minister, GARY NKOMBO says he does NOT intend to challenge President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA as UPND President when the party holds its convention.

Mr. NKOMBO says the sentiments by BREBNER CHANGALA in an interview with EMMANUEL MWAMBA suggesting that Mr. NKOMBO will be the next President of UPND must be treated as malicious and ill intended.

He says when the time comes he will be the first to nominate President HICHILEMA as party candidate for the 2026 General elections.

Mr. NKOMBO, who is also UPND Chairperson for Elections and Campaigns, reaffirmed his allegiance to President HICHILEMA saying the same unwavering support that he has offered since the days in opposition has not changed.

He told Journalists at a media briefing in Lusaka today that the PF sponsored propaganda meant to distract the UPND Government from delivering to the people of Zambia and addressing serious issues will not succeed.

Mr. NKOMBO urged the public not to entertain the nonexistent innuendos and propaganda adding that the UPND will only get into that conversation of having a new Party President in 2031.



  1. Gary would make a good president I think.

    Just unfortunate his party has a self imposed life president who is totally useless.

  2. Gary is being targeted by individuals who see that he is amongst the staunch ministers that are driving to push the presidents desires for the country. These are little people trying to cause problems. Go Gary I m proud of you.

    • Hahahaha.

      HaaMulenga you are such a COW.

      Awe I am not sad. I just have a human brain that can sniff out conmen. Kwasila. Iwe with your cow brain can only digest lies from your small conman god.


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