I DON’T TRUST PEOPLE IN GOVT, SAYS MAN CLAIMING TO BE PS’s SON … If people in Govt there are even entertaining this man, then they are just as bad as him

The USA citizen Jason Makhela, who claims to be Defence permanent secretary Norman Chipakupaku’s son, says he will not seek any court action in Zambia to try to reconnection with his purported father, but will use USA government and other international agencies to get to the bottom of the matter, saying he does not trust people in Zambia’s government.

And Jason has charged that Chipakupaku is “a coward, who goes round trying to make everyone think he is a good man while trying to avoid his son at the same time.”

Jason also said, the people in the Zambian government are bad that they are quiet about such an issue bordering on morals and ethics, instead of sitting Chipakupaku down “as a person who is first supposed to uphold family values before going out to serve the public”, wondering what other recourse people who were in a similar situation as him had, when government could not even rein in on one of their own senior… http://dailyrevelationzambia.com/i-dont-trust-people-in-govt-says-man-claiming-to-be-pss-son-if-people-in-govt-there-are-even-entertaining-this-man-then-they-are-just-as-bad-as-him/


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