I Escaped Homosexuality at 21- Jonas Phiri



I Escaped Victim of Homosexuality at 21.(TRUE STORY)
Allow me to join Dr Sampa and Others in Saying NO to Homosexuality
The advocacy against this vice is a move we all must join.

I was only 21 and a school Leaver in 1995, Mum had been struggling after separating with my dad..and dad had long gone in Diaspora for greener pastures.she had no where to sleep, she was just squatting with a her young sister both late now.. Looking at the suffering of my mother decided to go to farms in Makeni to look for Piece works, I came to one of the renouned family in the UNIP Govt and whose name I will withhold, after that day’s piece work, he asked me to stay over for a night to help with some works in the house. These were rich people, getting into their house was a more privilege than just eating their food. The man must have been in his early 40s unmarried and stinking rich. It was his father’s farm who were I should think in foreign service at that time. His moves to me and favors that evening were so strange and shocking.

We cooked food with his friends I will call ‘gay’ allais. Was saved with hot water to bath and given all good perfumes and surprising was ushered to sleep in his beautiful big bedroom. This house was big, a farm house had several bedrooms. I was so poor, so vulnerable with torn pants and tropicals. He advanced to me the whole night this on me I was shaking, afraid, traumatized. He was drinking something all night must have been some wine at this time never knew even how any wine looked like.

I was just coming from over zealous scripture union member in my Secondary school and having been a Pastors son and a Charismatic preacher of the time, all I loved was godly things, I prayed in my heart with tears that God this must not happen to me..came here to raise something to help my mum not this strange life. He abused me through out the night forcing me to hold his large katundu..I gave an excuse through out, and pleaded, I told him I would love being with him but that I should come back to stay for five days as I needed to go and change clothes and also inform my grand mother about my days away. He gave me (K40,000) unrebased that’s how I left around 06:00hrs and never returned.!

God saved me, may others be saved from this testimony and catastrophy. It’s un African, strange Culture and an insult to Christian and moral values. I hated this man even upto today. He took advantage of my being poor, was simply looking for food to help my family. Have never shared this my story to any one but thought and feel compelled now that there seems to be the freedom of misleading the innocent Zambians with this hidden horn, there seems to be soft gloves and delinkage voice cords on this matter. Our Head of State has said No to Homosexuality,No Lesbianism No to trans whatever Not in this Country No. Their Targets are the Poor boys from Poor Families. This is inhuman and Injustice!

I stand with Dr Sampa Abash Homosexuality Abash LGBTQ Abash Rainball Flag. There must be a deliberate policy to sensitive our young children in schools especially boys against Sodomy. Our boys must be Safe.
From The Community Lawyer.
Jonas A.Phiri.


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