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Former President Edgar Lungu’s recent actions, which include attempts to undermine the current administration led by HH, underscore his failure as a leader during his administration marked by brutality. His continued interference in political matters and disregard for the democratic principles that he himself failed to uphold demonstrate his lack of statesmanship.

Under his rule, public institutions suffered greatly, with many in need of rehabilitation due to his mismanagement. Lungu’s behavior reflects arrogance and a refusal to acknowledge that his presidency ended in 2021, yet he continues to capitalize on the current political climate to incite civil disobedience. His rhetoric often hints at inciting people to rise against the current government, revealing his desperation and willingness to resort to anything to regain power.Calls for both Lungu and the current president to tone down miss the mark. It’s Lungu who needs to lead by example and demonstrate the behavior expected of a former head of state. His actions, such as obstructing HH from participating in public events and limiting his ability to campaign freely, tarnish his legacy. Despite this, Lungu now freely moves about without any hindrance.

Lungu’s disregard for the rule of law, as evidenced by his actions during the 2016 presidential petition, further diminishes confidence in his leadership. It’s time for him to acknowledge his mistakes and step back from the political arena, allowing the current administration to govern without interference.We recognize the level hatred towards Hakainde Hichilema, ECL and his association have, but in this instance, credit should be given where it’s due. Uniting a country intentionally divided isn’t easy.The PF was ruthless towards former President RB, as they pursued the removal of his immunity. ECL was one of those MPs who voted to remove RB’s immunity at that time.

In contrast to Lungu’s divisive tactics, HH has shown tolerance and a commitment to promoting unity. Lungu’s behavior only serves to fuel confusion and anarchy, further harming the nation he once led and misguided. It’s crucial that Lungu leads by example and demonstrates respect for the democratic process and the rule of law that he failed to respect whilst serving as a republican president. I don’t get the rationale that HH should tone down.



  1. In case of any constitutional reforms,it is important to look at the issue of former presidents wishing to come back into active politics with intent to recontest presidency because they had only one term of office.In this case I feel that a president who lost an election must not be permitted to recontest for presidential elections again for he was rejected.The rejection signals that the individual was rejected due to office abuse,luck of deligation skills,fraudulence,spending government funds lavishly,self empowerment or steeling public funds by way of looting with impunity.This close once placed in the constitution will act as a deterrent to would be offenders.And the country will have leaders of quality.Presidents who come back to power after a rejection will not come back to govern with deligence but with vengeance and with intent to recover forfeited money,assets and any thing that could have grabbed from them by the state.They will come back like old missionaries with a bible in the left hand.The un suspecting electorate would accept them thinking they have reformed their old ways and vote for them and suffer the consequences later.

    • Ba Muleta, there is absolutely no need for such a clause in our constitution. The term limit is enough. If a former president qualifies to stand for president, they should be free to do so. Let the people decide whether they want him back or not.

      It is folly to start tinkering with the constitution to fix an individual.

  2. What we have to accept ad being the truth is class. Please do not misunderstand me here. Where you live is not so important but who you associate with shapes who you become. If for example you are found in cheap shabeens it is the haunt of kabovas and kaponyas who are rough and respect no one not even themselves putting you into a tie and suit and giving you a high position is not going to change the character you have adopted. Worse if you developed an addiction to alcohol you are doomed.

  3. Sorry boss,the proposal is not for an individual .The constitution close I suggested is to stand the taste of time.I don’t hate any leader or former in this country such that I may want to have an individual to loose his rights.Maybe I just shade abit of light on my thinking.The previous election we had was so tense.After the election we don’t seem to have appreciated the win and loss in a democratic dispensation.Those who lost don’t allow the winners to govern well and probably to offer tangible solutions.What we see is seemingly sponsored insolence in parliament,some strange behaviour in civil service though not alarming.Some noise in the social media e.t.c.Where we are today the country is facing some challenges due to drought, cholera,Covid,hi v,and other diseases instead of working together people even wish these things to hit harder so that the leadership is declared impotent.Some divisions here and there are evident.The question is what is the cause?The answer is the wish to have a rematch to see who is who.Some are even thinking of Brazilian scenario.Those in power also want to uphold the constitution and do the work which was assigned to them by the people so that they don’t fail and they want to protect funds or resources for the people.To avoid this targ of war it’s better the one who loses doesn’t pose some threat of coming back but gives encouragement and offer solutions.Not trotting in churches,roads,pausing at funerals or memorials wanting to gain political mileageplus.Showing some prowess.When two elephants fight it’s the grass that suffers.Yes people should be allowed to decide but the tension that comes is so bad that some innocent people even lose life I personally lost my friend who I had known for long time.We used to have fun and drinks together.What happened to Chipyoka Nsama Nsama.We were deprived of our friend with his sweet voice and good reasoning ahh..may his sore rest in peace.


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