“I Got Pregnant With My Student Because I Didn’t Recognise Him Till After I Slept With Him”— Teacher cries out
A high school teacher from North Carolina, United States, has revealed that she is currently pregnant with her student after a one-night stand with him at a club.

According to reports, the 33-year-old teacher identified as Amy Kupps went out to a club with her friends and she noticed a young man giving her eyes.

She invited him to her house and spent the night with him. It wasn’t until the next morning when Amy discovered that the young man was a former student that she taught when he was 16 years old.

She wanted to cut off ties with him but her intention changed after she discovered that she is pregnant.

Speaking with newsmen regarding the incident, the 33-year-old teacher revealed that she got pregnant mistakenly because she didn’t know that the young man was her former student. Had she known, she wouldn’t have taken him to her home that night.

“Let me be clear: I had no idea he was a former student and if I had known, I wouldn’t have gone home with him. When the pregnancy test showed up as positive, I was speechless. I’m a devout Catholic so abortion isn’t an option for me.” She reiterated.



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