January 7, 2024

Chief Chikwanda of the Bemba-speaking people in Mpika District has commended New Dawn-aligned development policies, adding that he is not ashamed of supporting the government that is transforming the lives of people.

Chief Chikwanda charged that within two years in government, UPND has proved to the Zambian people that it was elected to serve Zambian citizens without favor.
“I would like to thank his excellence, President Hakainde Hichilema, and his leadership for prioritizing policies that are aimed at bridging the gap in development between urban and rural areas. With the increased Constituency Development Funds CDF, we are now able to see massive development in the form of infrastructure, skills training grants, loans, etc.,” said Chief Chikwanda.

The UPND media reports that the traditional leader was speaking when Minister of Commerce, Trade, and Industry Chipoka Mulenga and Shiwang’andu aspiring candidate Chilumba Chanda paid a courtesy call on him at his palace.

Dual are in Muchinga to drum up support for the UPND candidate in Kapamba and Mayembe wards of Shiwang’andu and Mpika Constituency, respectively, ahead of the forthcoming local government by-elections.
Meanwhile, speaking at the same event, Chief Chikwanda has appealed to all councilors across the country to work closely with the traditional leadership.

The traditional leader added that effective service delivery to the people can only be realized if there is an integration between traditional and civic leadership.
The traditional leader further charged that equal distribution of the Constituency Development Funds (CDF) also signifies the willingness of the New Dawn government to uplift and safeguard the welfare of every Zambian.

The Chief acknowledged that the Constituency Development Funds (CDF) have fostered unprecedented levels of development, especially in rural communities.
He added that CDF is an effective tool in actualizing the decentralization policy, which has so far empowered the grassroot communities to determine the course of development.
The traditional leader observed that the region has witnessed an all-encompassing developmental agenda through CDF, which is making people’s participation in the development process effective.

Meanwhile, Minister of Commerce, Trade, and Industry Chipoka Mulenga says the government remains committed to transforming the lives of people.
Minister Mulenga said the vision of the UPND government is to improve the lives of every Zambian.

He further reaffirmed the government’s intentions to construct the chief palaces.
Chipoka Mulenga, who is also a Chingola area member of Parliament, added that the New Dawn government always values traditional leadership in its quest to foster development.



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