By Prophet Seer1


Edgar Lungu will not stand as a president in the year 2026.

Those deceiving him can continue fooling him but will definitely come back to this post later to say but Seer1 said it.

In my live broadcast yesterday, I advised him to become a political godfather.

Edgar Lungu is currently the richest former president that ever ruled the nation of Zambia with bank accounts in China, Dubai and billions stack in Swaziland, thanks to the billions that he looted while in power and thanks to His Holiness, Rev, Bishop Hakainde Hichilema for his methodical heavenly and most Holiness approach towards the fight against corruption.

If Edgar Lungu is serious with life, let him let go off PF and from among the faithful, let him anoint a person as a president of a newly registered political party and mobilize in readiness for an alliance in the year 2025.

It’s too late for the PF, PF died because of the greediness of Mr Lungu, had he allowed a convention and supported the winning candidate which he would in turn become a godfather to, PF would be mighty and ready for the 2026 elections.

Edgar Lungu should have learnt something from his godfather Late Rupiah Banda, Barrack Obama and so on.

There’s more you gain being a godfather than being a president.

Let him step aside.

The same group of people that deceived him when he was a president have surrounded him to deceive him the more and unfortunately he has given in to their ill advice and will cry the second time soon.

Leave the stage now.
Leave PF too, PF has died with Miles Sampa.

Take the advice that I have given to you or cry later.

And for those of you shouting ECL 2026, you can continue, I aswell expect alot of insults in the comment section from you. I have seen it before, I have been there before but the movie will end the way it has always ended.

I rest my case.




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