FDD president Edith Nawakwi

FDD president Edith Nawakwi says she has never spoken to former State
House officials Amos Chanda and Kaizer Zulu, in a long while, for her
to be accused of working with them in the alleged abduction of the
Hatembo family.

And Ms. Nawakwi has clarified that she is not keeping the Hatembo’s
children as reported by some sections of the media, but that she is
offering them support in the absence of their mother.
A WhatsApp screenshot has gone viral, in which it is alleging that Ms.
Nawakwi attempted to confess her alleged involvement in the abduction
of the Hatembo family.

It is further alleged that Ms. Nawakwi is working with Mr. Chanda,
President Edgar Lungu’s former special assistant for press and public
relations and his counterpart Mr. Zulu, who was President Edgar
Lungu’s political advisor in the alleged criminality.
But in an exclusive interview with The Watch Zambia, Ms. Nawakwi said
she is not in touch with Mr. Chanda or Mr. Zulu, adding that she does
not even have their numbers in her phone directory.
“Those people (Amos and Kaizer) are not even on my phone directory,”
Ms. Nawakwi said.

She added that she did not even recall the last time she spoke to Mr. Chanda.
And the FDD president has disclosed that she has reported the creators
of the fake message to the Zambia Police Force Headquarters for

She said she has reported some suspected UPND cadres to the police for
abusing her contact and that very soon, they will face the wrath of
the law.
“I have reported that matter to the police because the UPND are
abusing my WhatsApp to the cyber team at police headquarters. And for
all I know there is chart group I know called ‘Hottest Seat’ run by
UPND members which I know circulated my number,” she said. “And the
names are already in the hands of the police so they will just receive
callouts. One of them in the chart group circulated my number and said
this is Nawakwi’s number and they were celebrating. Nawakwi the FDD
president. But one of them actually told them it’s a criminal offence
to circulate someone’s number on the chart. And that communication, I
have it and I have handed it over to the police.”
Asked under what circumstances she was keeping the Hatembos’ children,
Ms. Nawakwi said the media misinterpreted her interview.
She said she told the media organisation that she was supporting them
which she was still doing.

“They just misinterpreted that. I do support them. I have said to
you. Even as late as yesterday, I was with one of the children. I am
the only pillar in the absence of their mother. So I have cleared
that. I am saying I am the only support to those people and thanks to
other people that are contributing. There are people who will call me
and say look, is there anything we can do to support these people? And
they drop food there, they drop some hampers.
Even when one of her children was sick, I made arrangements for people
in Choma to take her to the hospital,” said Nawakwi. – The Watch Zambia


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