I Have Not Been Too Well Since We Lost Elections, Life Is Hard In Opposition,Majority Of Pf Leaders Are Going Through Marital Problems, Cries Davies Mwila


By Zambia Eagle

majority of PF leaders are going through marital problems, CRIES DAVIES MWILA

Former PF Secretary General Davies Mwila says life has been very difficult in opposition hence has not been too well since losing elections.

Images of a frail looking Davies Mwila emerged yesterday on social media platforms with people commenting with various views.

But in a WhatsApp group post last evening, Mwila said his family has been through a lot and he us away a number of PF members have not fully recovered from the 2021 election humiliation defeat at the hands of the UPND.

“I can confess to you that it has not been easy to move on and accept the painful defeat. A number of PF members, especially senior leaders, have actually gone into depression. Some have resorted to heavy alcohol drinking. Family members are equally putting too much pressure on us because of the heavy demands. As you are aware, most of the PF leaders are actually going through divorce currently due to marital problems in homes. It is not easy. Hope we can recover one day because nobody expected what happened in 2021”, Mwila lamented.


  1. These are people who didn’t know what putting in a hard’s work and living within your own means looks like. Welcome to the real world ba mwankole. Nomba elo lwanya.

  2. I remember how the late MP for Kasenengwa, Hon Victoria Kalima died a pauper despite being a minister yet people kept calling them thieves, this world is mercilessly cruel

  3. I’m a sympathizer and actually congratulated the victory of the UPND over the PF. However, I highly respect Hon. Davies Mwila’s statement of telling the truth. Mr Mwila IS A REAL MAN WHO TELLS THE SITUATION AS IT IS INSTEAD OF PRETENDING LIKE MOST OF HIS COLLEAGUES IN THE FORMER RULING PARTY – THE PF. Although you are going through those difficulties Mr Mwila, I salute you for your COURAGE. GOD BE BLESS YOU ALL THE TIME.

  4. Marriages should never be tied to someone’s income and position held in govt or company because all material things are temporal.If money dries up and marital challenges arise just divorce to cut off stress from the noisy wife and lead a quiet life alone.

  5. Ba Mudala, forget about politics, you already retired. Incitto eko shili, how can you suffer with your six points? No ways. Just accept that you are now out of politics and move on, everything will be okay. You can even venture into farming, it’s very profitable now.

    • He is lying. How can he suffer with his highly mechanised farm in palabana? He is making a mockery of us zambians. Unless he married a younger wife as stolen loot got to his head and pants i do not see a woman he married when he had nothing forsaking him now.


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