I never said I will remove free education when I come back to power in 2026-Edgar Lungu



Am an advocate for quality education. I have nothing against free education.

Smart Eagles. Sat, Feb 24, 2024

Zambia’s 6th President , HE Dr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu has expressed shock at how a statement he made on the quality of free Education in the nation was taken out of context and twisted to imply that he would abolish free education should he form government in years to come.

Speaking to student Union Leaders from Zambia and Denmark who paid a courtesy call on him , Friday, President Lungu stated that he had nothing against free education because he is a product of free education himself . He, however, emphasised that what he would love to see was free education being married with quality education if the nation is to produce high-quality graduates of intergrity and highly professional at their work.

He stated that the quality of reporting by some journalists left a lot to be desired, as evidenced by the way his words had been taken out of context.

“When I talk about quality education, it can include those who train media practitioners because they are supposed to aim for the truth at all times. My statement was, ‘If we form government in coming years, we will review quality of education coming out of free education,’ he said.

” In the two and a half years that I’ve been out of office, there is free education that has been introduced in Zambia. Iam bemoaning the quality of education in the nation because I saw a video of children parked in a classroom like sadines and my concern is the quality of education that is being provided in such an environment, ” he said .

He asked the delegation from Zanasu and DSF, who had embarked on research about access to education and academic freedoms in zambia if they had included the component of quality of education in their research. ” Are you satisfied with the quality of education at primary, secondary, and tertiary levels in the


  1. Every thing in life happens in stages. You can not have quality education without improving the teacher student ratio. Next the welfare of the teachers in good pay and accommodation is a good catalyst for high performance both for the teacher and the student.

    Question is, do we make a generation wait till this quality education is sustained with the very limited finances available. Or will what this administration sacrficially done eventually correct the past wrong polices on Education. In fact by admit that perfecting the qaulity of free education is needed means you agree with the strategy being implemented.

    It is impossible to blame the current policy of free education being implemented and still want to use it to improve the quality of education.

    Under the previous administration edication was not free and hence scores poor children dropped out of school and left it for the privileged.

    I think it would First make sense to congratulate this governmemt for the guts of providing free education which is a game change.

    I agree that pupils are more classes in now. However the truth is these are the ones your polices left out. The solution is to build more schools. With more qualified teachers being employed eventually this anomally will be equalized.

    Please don’t forget your administration failed to construct More schools and to employ more teachers in the past. Now we have double the trouble.

    • Lungu is just trying to walk back his incompetent statement.
      His government did attempt to build schools. But that was a hollow attempt if they were not going to fill those classes because students could not afford to go to school.
      With all the UN goals said, how does he talk about quality education? This government is working on multi-pronged approach.
      1.Staff as an ongoing process
      2. Build structures as well as finish structures that PF left unfinished. Have that done by a community driven approach. School structures have often been vandilsed by member of the community where the schools are built.Through CDF ownership is instilled in the community to deter vandalism. Through CDF capacity is driven in wealth distribution into the community such that stealing is not going to be a means of making money. But skills wherein products are produced and consumed by the same community.
      Admitedly the concept has not been articulated well and only where this is done will it begin to be appreicated. Local Government needs to seriously consider resources just for this aspect.
      In delivery of quality education, there is a myriad of structural issues that wr have seen Ministers speak of such as technology. Only a few weeks ago we saw internet delivery kits being made. Once that is done then it will be enhenced IT education and notebooks to students as paper text books are thing of the past.
      But all this requires translation from policy to delivery. Something I suspect government is working on. But time is something that seems to against them and just attitude among us as citizens. When we dont appreciate a concept we fight it and we have opposition leader who have little interest in our youth but their own pockets and bellies. Not patriots at all.

  2. Wasn’t 7 years enough for you iwe kawalala?
    Now that you have seen that your friend has cleaned your Debt mess, you have seen an opportunity to come and mess up again?
    While we know UPND is not the best tool in the box, we can’t go back to violence and thuggery no matter how you want to Sugarcoat it!
    We currently don’t have credible opposition leaders.
    We’ll maintain the status quo beyond 2026

  3. Mr. Lungu says he is a believer in quality education but he is the same gentleman who removed student meal allowances.

    Honestly, how do you expect a student to focus on his academic work on an empty stomach?

    Mr. Lungu’s PF is the true representation of hypocrisy, lies and lawlessness.


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