Lusaka mayor Miles Sampa, on Thursday morning featured on the Red Hot Breakfast on Hot FM where he disclosed about the status of Chicagos Reloaded.

While on the show which was monitored by ZED GOSSIP, the mayor declined to disclose if former political advisor Kaizer Zulu, was at the restaurant while it was being closed down for defying presidential directives and operating as a night pub.

Mr. Sampa, jokingly said he saw someone like Mutale Mwanza who continued to squeeze him on the show with questions if Kaizer Zulu was present and asking him [Miles] if he knew who [Kaizer] was. In addition, Mr Sampa, said the owner of Chicagos was just being cocky when he constantly posted on Facebook that his place would be open.

At the weekend the mayor and his team had shut down Chicagos and others that were operating against presidential directives. He warns that his team will not sit idle and watch people going against presidential directives.

Meanwhile, Mr. Sampa said the fate of Chicagos now remains in the hands of the liquor licensing committee of the council.


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