The mother of twins in Kenya narrated how she underwent struggles to finally get pregnant.

The woman, only identified as Adhiambo was not able to conceive a child despite consulting several doctors and healers she was referred to by friends and relatives.

According to the woman, her inability to conceive a child had taken a toll on her for years, a situation aggravated by in-laws who were inciting her husband to divorce.

“These people used to look at me with accusing eyes as if I had committed a sin that could not be forgiven. Neighbours would call me all sorts of names, my hubby was under pressure from his family to marry another wife. Medical reports exonerated my husband but ‘indicted’ me for having blocked reproductive tubes.

“Medics, healers and pastors tried all their best but not there was no success,” said Adhiambo.

Desperate situations call for desperate decisions, goes the common saying. Adhiambo visited a sorcerer who told her she was under a generational curse and would only conceive a child if she slept with a dead man for cleansing. Yes, this was awkward and panned following the same script as in the popular ‘Nigerian movies’.

“After I thought about it for some time, I boldly decided to try. I went to Ahero where I paid a morgue attendant who arranged everything for me. I did as was instructed by the wizard.

“Honestly, it’s the worst experience of my life, I wouldn’t want anyone to experience such,” she continued as she fought tears.

Even after the nasty experience, Adhiambo says things remained the same for six months.

There was no pregnancy. She knew it was just another bluff and that she had been conned.

“I gave up completely and left everything at the mercy of God.

One of my neighbours advised me to try out a local herbalist whom she touted as a legist herbalist who has helped thousands of needy people in the region.

“She even gave me her contacts…but honestly, with the previous nightmare in the morgue, I was reluctant to take any step, I was not ready to through such a terrifying encounter again,” she said.

However, her neighbour explained how that herbalist works different from other herbalists and that’s how Adhiambo gathered the strength to approach the herbalist.

“I told myself let me try for the last time. By this time, I was even contemplating suicide. I contacted the herbalist and we arranged the meeting. After listening to me, the herbalist put me on herbal medicine that I was to take for four months,” she said.

Adhiambo was so surprised that she conceived just three months after she religiously took the herbalist’s prescribed doses.

Nine months later she gave birth to twins.

“We are the happiest couple on earth today. We have our own children, we are going to bring up these girls well, I just don’t know how I can pay the herbalist, god used him to bring happiness to us,” she concluded in tears.


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