I still have My UPND card- Edgar Lungu

Edgar Lungu

FORMER republican president Edgar Lungu has joked that he still has his United Party for National Development (UPND) membership card, years after he left the party.

Before joining the Patriotic Front (PF), Mr Lungu was a UPND member decades ago recruited by then UPND vice president Sakwiba Sikota.

In the PF, he went from being an ordinary member to serving as Chawama MP and other ministerial positions before rising to the highest office in the land.

Since losing Power, Mr Lungu has been flirting with the idea of returning to Power and he is among the figureheads of the recently announced United Kwacha Alliance (UKA).

This morning, he attended worship at Praise Christian Centre (PCC) in Lusaka where he revealed that he still has his UPND card.

He said this when introducing Mr Sikota in church .

“… For those who dont know, he introduced me to UPND this man [Sikota] he recruited me and he was the vice president in UPND to Mr Mazoka and when Mr Mazoka died, using imingalato he was dribbled out of the presidency. By the way, I still have my card for UPND, it was number 60, so I joined UPND as number 60,” Mr Lungu said.

He also said Zambian politics are of a nomadic nature, and it is not strange to see people jump ship.

“…The politics in Zambia is of a nomadic nature, people just go where they find fertile soil, good pasture they stay there, they look after their animals after a while they move on.

“If you look at our current government, there is MMD there. There is PF there and a bit of UNIP, so dont worry, thats the name of the game, ” he said.

Mr Lungu was flanked by Harry Kalaba, Richard Musukwa, Jackson Silavwe and Geofry Bwalya Mwamba (GBM).



  1. Any church that allows ECL to speak nonsense in church is guilty of being bribed with some brown envelopes!
    Members beware!
    Your pastors are exchanging money in church and Jesus will soon overturn those tables!
    The house of God is supposed to be a house of worship but you have turned it into a den of thieves!

  2. Mr. Lungu continues to mock God by playing politics in church. He should not use the church as a platform for his political campaigns.

    Remember, God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. By using the church for his politics, Mr. Lungu is currently sowing the wind and will in time reap a whirlwind.

    Unfortunately, other desparados are escorting him on his misguided tours of the “churches”. Mr. Lungu’s Christianity is questionable. His fruit clearly reveals who he is spiritually.


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