I support this figure, infact it should be higher.

Campaign finance reform is something that Zambia needs to seriously address. The Era of one-man-political parties should be a thing of the past.

As long as Zambians think that we can single handedly bankroll a registered political party, we will always be relegated and confined to an ancient way of doing Politics.

A Zambian Presidential candidate SHOULD BE nominated by a Political party that has money and is financially stable…not because the candidate is rich. Why do you think Mr. Hichilema is so intricately tied to UPND?… It’s because he has bankrolled the Party and he has a vested interest in it.

This is 2020, a Presidential candidate shouldn’t have to sell his family assets in order to run for President. Bad move! What will he leave his children if he sells the Family Farm in persuit of his political ambition?

President Lungu will manage to raise the K150,000 because The Party is able to raise that amount. Mr. Hichilema will manage to raise that amount because he’s wealthy.

With the right Connections, Ba Kambwila and Dr. Mumba will manage to raise the required amount as well.

But people like Chilufya Tayali can’t and won’t manage to raise such a mammoth, colossal amount of cash…the reason is simple. He doesn’t have the means to raise K1 50,000 just for the sake of NOMINATION.

lf Tayali was given that amount to pay his Nomination fee, he would make a detour and show up after closing time and pretend to be furious.

He’d rather keep that money to pay rent and take his Children to school and fix his

problematic Prado….he’d rather do that than spend K150,000 on Presidential nomination

papers. 80 it’s safe to assume…Tayali will never be President of Zambia. Not in this life or the next. Napita Mukwai.




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