I thank God PF lost 2021 general elections- Chilufya Tayali


EEP President Chilufya Tayali


Think of how many people have been hacked, or shot to death in political violence or fighting to change Govts. Others have sustained life changing wounds, while others have been sent to jail due to political differences or conflicts.

Dr Chris Zumani Zimba is in prison without a conviction because of politics, not because he is a criminal.

Make no mistake to think politics is like walk in the park, “politics teyabana iyoo” (it’s not a child’s play), it can be a war with casualties and fatalities, anywhere in the World, including America.

Zambia is no exceptional in fighting for political power, though not so extreme, albeit being a democratic Country.

Truth be told, ALL our Govts have not lived up to the tents of democracy par excellence, they have cut corners and abused their power in various ways to keep political power.

Those in Govt create and empower systems that ensure that their power is protected right up to the smallest community through #CADRISM.

To finance cadrism, corruption, illegal taxes and thuggery is employed. This has happened in all our successive regimes.

Political parties that have ascended into power, have done so at a great cost, in terms of resources, people going to prison, casualties and unfortunately, even loss of lives.

During UNIP we had vigilantes and the famous “By Air” where opponents, or citizens with dissenting views, were violently lifted shoulder high and taken to UNIP offices and beaten like children.

MMD became even more deadly, they introduced machetes (eg Chawama incidence) and abduction of opponents. They could easily pick you in the middle of CBD, bundle you in a car to unknown place and beat you up.

Do you remember the Iron Lady “Nakawala”? Bowman was also very famous in beating up people, as a cadre of whoever paid him.

Then we had PF who employed everything, including using the police to fight their opponents or anyone who did not agree with them. If you are not beaten by cadres, then the police will corner you, harass and detain you at WILL.

I have forgiven but will never forget, the way PF treated me in May of 2021; it was very brutal and they meant business to send me to jail. Honestly speaking I could have been in jail by now, if PF had won 2021 general elections.

I will forever live to appreciate Mutembo Nchito SC, for fighting for me, during that difficult time. When I think of Joseph Mweenda, in relation to that time, I see him as the Biblical Peter, he made sure my wife was okay and facilitated Mutembo to save me from the jaws of the lion.

McDonald Chipenzi came in to sign bond when no other person could. I am very grateful to all these people.

Though on Principle I voted for Edgar Lungu, but I thank God PF lost 2021 general elections. I know some of you may not understand that, especially if we even bring in “Alebwelelapo” issues, but one day I will explain.

We are now, under UPND and they are no better than other political parties that have ruled this Country. UPND is behaving as if PF was their teacher and they are doing even more than what they learnt.

Since they came into power, I have been arrested nine times and I guess I am still counting, unless I completely shut-up.

UPND is determined to send me to jail, not because I am a criminal but they hate the fact that I confront them on their failures and bad governance.

Of course other political leaders, especially those in PF, have been arrested and more will be arrested. I am not talking about those who genuinely stole our money, or broke the law.

The question is, why do all these political parties engage in violence, both the ruling and opposition?

I will try to give my views on this by analyzing how political parties can get, keep and lose political power in Zambia.

In my next article on this, I will discuss how to get political power in Zambia. I am trying to keep it short because most of you don’t like reading.



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