Former President Edgar Lungu says he was well brought believing in friends and other people unlike President Hakainde Hichilema (HH) who is full of himself.

Lungu says his worst is far much better than President Hichilema.

” They say I was the worst President, my worst is far much than HH, we the Patriotic Front (PF) were not best but we were better,” he said.

Speaking at the Opposition Parties joint press briefing in Lusaka today, Lungu said the United Party for National Development (UPND) trashed everything the former rulling party did.

He says people should not ask him now on how to fight cholera when everything the PF did was removed, let President Hichilema do it.


  1. Insoni ebuntu! Non of these political party leaders can beat HH even if elections were to be held today. They will be shocked in 2026. HH will beat them pants down whether as an alliance or singularly. The problem is that these people think Lusaka is Zambia. I can’t imagine a former president parading himself with the likes of Silavwe, Sakwiba, Nawakwi. When did Nawakwi join politics? None of these so called opposition leaders can address the current challenges which HH is managing very well. Alliances have never worked in Zambia.

  2. Well brought up? Being expelled as an officer cadet is being well brought up. Drinking till early hours is being well brought up?

  3. Where were you brought up Sir, do you remember that at one time even your citizenship was quarried? Up to now we don’t even know your home village. Chiluba was from Musangu, Sata from Chitulika, HH from Bweengwa where you even built a Secondary School, what about you, what village did you come from?

  4. If stealing, looting. plunder, gassing and murder of innocent people is what constitutes being brought up well, then I want to be brought up badly. STUPID IDIOT.

  5. Tell us what happened to the widows money, instead of lying! Every zambian now knows exactly who you are. You can not full anyone any more!! You also brought up your kids well, hey? Tell how where and how they managed to get so much property within a short time of you being a president.


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