I will choose an old white woman over a 33-year-old Igbo lady. She will take me out of poverty – Nigerian man says


A Nigerian man, Emediong Sunday, has said he would choose an older Caucasian women over a 33-year-old Igbo lady.

Emediong stated this on Wednesday, December 20, while reacting to a Facebook post by one Oyi Chidera, who mocked ‘average Nigerian men for marrying older Caucasian women but deem 33-year-old Nigerian ladies as too old.

“I will choose this woman over a 33+ nwanyi Igbo. She will take me out of poverty. She will love me and not stress me,” he wrote.

She will have money and support me to adopt a child. I mean, she (this particular vvoman) still looks healthier and sexier than most young Gen Z girls in Nigeria.

When redpill guys like me preach about 33+ African/Blk vvomen, people’s shallow minds focus only on the numbers and forget the challenges and hardships that come with it.

If a YT VVoman who is 54+ comes with the trinity, I will not hesitate at all because her trinity always comes with femininity.

90 percent of young men who married a 55+ old YT VVOMAN are not complaining, but I can provide countless examples of a young African man who married a 33+ Nwanyi Igbo and Agbomma and is not living in peace.

If you have a 33+ vvomwn in your life WHICH you didn’t start with in her 20s

We will be here to read your sub stories . We can’t wait for you to come via “keep me anonymous”

Yours faithfully ( AVERAGE NIGERIAN GUY)


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