Panji Kaunda

By Patson Chilemba

Colonel Panji Kaunda says he will continue denouncing vices in the country, but will not be fully involved in the campaigns, as he is taking a period of reflection following the death of his father, founding president Dr Kenneth Kaunda.

And Col Panji said those who are aspiring to lead the country must emulate his late father’s actions against corruption by establishing some form of leadership code to monitor the wealth national leaders were accumulating.

Speaking with Daily Revelation, Col Panji, a fierce critic of President Edgar Lungu’s governance style, said he was still mourning.

“We will find a way, but when you lose ichikolwe you need to reflect. It will be unfair to go on public fora to start talking about this and this. We are going to take the posture of quietness,” Col Panji said. “I am not going to campaign full time. I want to reflect. Yes if somebody speaks about tribalism we shall speak.”

Col Panji said every country should have some form of a leadership code to monitor the wealth accumulation of leaders, to keep them accountable to the people.

“There is definitely need to put into place activities. Those who believe in anti-corruption should follow that guidance,” said Col Panji. -Daily Revelation


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