The Economic and Equity Party (EEP) has vowed to report UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema to the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) tomorrow morning.

Party president Chilufya Tayali has told Journalists in Lusaka that he has overwhelming evidence that will lead to the successful Prosecution of the opposition leader for his alleged dubious transactions during privatization.

Mr. Tayali has said that that he will place a mandamus, a judicial writ issued as a command to an inferior court or ordering a person to perform a public or statutory duty, on the commission if it fails to act on the matter because he believes that Mr. Hichilema’s alleged dubious activities deprived many Zambians of their livelihoods.

Mr. Tayali said he will ensure that Mr. Hichilema doesn’t participate in next year’s elections until he is cleared of all the privatization allegations leveled against him, calling on other citizens who feel aggrieved by Mr.Hichilema’s alleged actions to come forth and be part of his witnesses.

“I have said that there are people who were deprived of their property, who have not been paid who were kicked out of employment in the name of privatization. Ladies and gentlemen, I am not joking am not being malicious I have spoken to these people I have seen how they are suffering some of them if you see them you will actually feel pity.” He reaffirmed.

Mr. Tayali said during his search for the truth he has come to a realization that Mr. Hichilema has two different National Registration Cards (NRCs) attached to different properties, a move he believes is illegal and calls on the police command to act.

“In my course of going around looking for this evidence it has come to my attention that Mr. Hakainde Hichilema has two NRCs this is what I have obtained and am giving it to the police to investigate there is an NRC and take note of the NRC there’s one which is 261786/72/1 and another one 128873/72/1. these NRCs are all pointing to Mr.Hakainde Hichilema. I am a whistleblower in this instance and I want the police to investigate. I don’t hate Mr. Hakainde Hichilema, these are facts!” Said Mr. Tayali.

Mr. Tayali also revealed that Mr. Hichilema did not declare an interest when he allegedly purchased properties that were being privatized by Grand Thornton a company he was part of.

“There is another property farm number 1924 in Kalomo belonging to Samson Siatembo , this property was mortgaged to Lima bank when Lima bank was being privatized this property was still under Lima bank but as we speak today this farm belongs to Mr. Hakainde Hichilema. In 2004 this property changed to Mr. Hakainde Hichilema’s name. When he was changing the company’s name he was still the managing partner of grand Thornton, I have tried to check if he declared interest but there is nothing. How did he acquire this property when he was a liquidator? I want him to respond !” Mr. Tayal said.

Mr. Tayali said he will personally ensure that the matter comes to a logical conclusion.

“I want to see a logical conclusion to these matters because these matters are very serious. I don’t want arguments that he is the largest opposition leader, Takuli ifyo, a crime is a crime, corruption is corruption it doesn’t matter who commits it no matter how big you are no matter how popular you are no matter how much money you have, and me I operate on the notion that we are all equal before the law.” Mr. Tayali said.

He said when the elite commit crimes they too should be arrested and prosecuted just like ordinary citizens.

“Poor people are being arrested for stealing chicken insala yamwikata umuntu he goes and picks a chicken from the neighbors, he is arrested and sent to jail, why do we want to make excuses for the rich people ?” Mr. Tayali asked.

Mr. Tayali also said that he wants to ensure that only the right people are on the ballot paper next year, and he didn’t care if he only shares the space with the Patriots for Economic Progress leader Sean Tembo.


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